Gem 08, 02 / Apr 30, 18 13:33 UTC
A vision for Education...

Asgardia should be a place where we create a new democracy that works for all citizens, therefore we should be looking at how this can be achieved. There is no point in creating a Space Kingdom if we are going to bring with us 20th Century solutions to 21st ...

Gem 08, 02 / Apr 30, 18 10:59 UTC

High quality Education should be a basic human right of all Citizens of Asgardia. Indeed we should be spreading a message of education and life long learning in all of our future endeavors in the stars.

Unlike earth's traditional models of education centred upon servicing an economic ...

Vir 03, 02 / Jul 18, 18 13:06 UTC
Hi Dear Alan, I see you're interested in education. There is an Asgardian conference planned for 29/30/31 of August 2018 that will gather Educators of Asgardia. You might be interested to join. :) The aim of this meeting will be to : - Discuss the possibilities and needs of Asgardia ...
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