Leo 16, 02 / Jul 3, 18 05:21 UTC

I am a videographer and photographer based in Weston, Florida. Should anyone want to get together and do projects for Asgardia please feel free to send me a message. I will be happy to discuss any ideas anyone may have. As important as science and government are, it is ...

Vir 02, 02 / Jul 17, 18 20:42 UTC
Hello beautifull we are now connected
Vir 02, 02 / Jul 17, 18 02:41 UTC
Hello fellow Asgardian, I have the plan to unite Asgardians and create an Asgardian market only way we will reach space is if all of us are financially able to go lets get there together! join the conversation at t.me/asgardians
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