Sag 00, 03 / Nov 4, 19 00:22 UTC
Okay, the mirrored moon project were a bit ideally. Well, actually, a lot(that doesn't means that we won't take any action on the future if we can), so… lets talk about something that is happening right now, the Iris Project, a brand new programming language. Short showcase that only shows ...
Sag 14, 03 / Nov 18, 19 09:19 UTC
I appreciate your post.It was so important information for me.I got unknown important information from your post.Recently I got some information about authentication from browsing site.
Sag 00, 03 / Nov 4, 19 00:48 UTC
- No function return types: fn foo() { … } However, we have directions on the functions arguments, like: fn foo(in f32 inputVar, inout f32 referenceVar, out f32 returnVar) { … } - No crazyness on implementing move/copy semantics using l-value r-value references: We know that kind of semantics are ...
Oph 12, 03 / Oct 19, 19 04:07 UTC
Project: Mirrored Moon
Asgardia plans to add in a near future, spaceships over the Earth orbit. The design for these spaceships is pretty big, bigger than any satellite around us, right now. So, how could we feed that monstrosity at the dark side of the Earth if the Sun's light doesn't show up ...
Sag 14, 03 / Nov 18, 19 12:58 UTC
what is the spaceship for?
Oph 23, 03 / Oct 30, 19 21:37 UTC
If you are going to the trouble of installing sun tracking mirrors en masse on the lunar surface, I would go the next step and do a to power operations on the surface and beamed into space simultaneously.. Also there isnt a system in place to give a 'gps' ...
Oph 23, 03 / Oct 30, 19 21:34 UTC
Agreed, a polar sun synchronous orbit at high altitude would be ideal, unless the point is to have this space ship or space station or whatever, be a jumping point to go to lunar surface?Mirrors would really bother alot of astronomers on earth shining like that, but solar panels or ...
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Oph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 01:53 UTC
Hey! Here's Iris Technologies, and after a long time without any activity, we believe that Asgardia, as a formed nation(we believe it will happen eventually), need to produce its own top-quality software in terms of performance & functionality. So its time to move forward and develop our first C++ project(we ...
Oph 17, 03 / Oct 24, 19 17:26 UTC
I would love us to have a system branded for asgardia that prioritises development for all projects, set your programming skills and get a list of projects you can contribute to send a push to git get approved and be rewarded X in SOL for growing our technology.
Oph 12, 03 / Oct 19, 19 02:33 UTC
Sure! We believe that new connections are always positive!
Oph 12, 03 / Oct 19, 19 02:16 UTC
I have forwarded your blog to the ITers, maybe they can help you with some things.
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Tau 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 04:03 UTC
That's probably the project of my life. And it is also the dream of many others. Today I'm glad to announce that Iris Technologies, are glad to announce the technology of the century. The Iris device which will transform science fiction, into reality. Something like Aincrad and Nerve gear are ...
Tau 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 12:57 UTC
I believe we are some decades away from this type of virtual world. But it is interesting to think about. Today we have VR and AR, where i can now post my Resume or grocery list and view it in AR. I think the things to see coming out before ...
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