Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 22:46 UTC

Re: RED ALLERT: KIC 9832227 REDNOVA 2022  

As much as I know, It probably will look like there are two suns during the day and nights will shine as a day. That is awesome but not sure if we will be able to live or not. But if we are not going to be able to live, than this event wouldn't have been announced or corrected. Am I wrong?

Feb 13, 17 / Pis 16, 01 23:14 UTC

So, this will happen and we'll see the effects here on Earth around, what....the year 3722-ish? I do love a good lightshow. And the science would be awesome to see from here. I'd wish my Google calendar was more up-to-date for that date. Personally, I love these types of articles. Love to see what's going on in the sky above us.

Apr 19, 17 / Tau 25, 01 17:42 UTC

Excited I am 👽

Apr 19, 17 / Tau 25, 01 19:24 UTC

Why the hell can't I imbed the image? Did they change the damned rules again? Here, a link: https://i.imgur.com/WSKdtFQ.png


Apr 19, 17 / Tau 25, 01 21:15 UTC

^HAhahahhaa....  We should make it an annual ritual, since every time a rock swings by we go through this existential crisis.

Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 02:12 UTC

^Jason, I'm so jealous of your ability to insert media in your posts.  :(

That picture is quite beautiful by the way.

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