Feb 27, 18 / Ari 02, 02 07:29 UTC

Cannot Vote: I select to accept the connstitution and fill in the profile but it does not save my selections  

Hi fellows,

The subject says it all. I want to vote but I can't

Feb 27, 18 / Ari 02, 02 20:13 UTC

hi can you please sent an email to support team with that problem (you can use the mail which you register in asgardia in order to find you and also describe the steps that you have made)

Mar 5, 18 / Ari 08, 02 21:41 UTC

I have the same problem. I have tried many times to submit my votes and keep being told to register and accept the constitution. When I do, the page takes me back to fill out profile and accept constitution. Please help,  I would like to have my votes counted.

Mar 6, 18 / Ari 09, 02 08:54 UTC

same here. I cannot vote: site keeps asking me to revise my data and it does not save my birth year (it reverts to 2016) and does not log my constitution acceptance

Mar 6, 18 / Ari 09, 02 22:37 UTC

I would like to propose that the election is unconstitutional as obviously many of the citizens, including myself cannot cast a vote, and are being excluded. Postpone the election until ALL citizens can participate with equality. (fix the website before you close the vote. Or are certain people being blocked for geo/socio/political reasons?)

Mar 7, 18 / Ari 10, 02 08:40 UTC

I do agree! 

Mar 7, 18 / Ari 10, 02 08:40 UTC

I do agree! 

Mar 7, 18 / Ari 10, 02 12:28 UTC

To whom it may concern,

yesterday I looked for help, but have got none. I try again with a quick and easy topic: I CANNOT VOTE. My profile do not save the correct year of birth (selected when I've joined, back then) but now changed into 2016, so I can not accept the Consitution (I am quite sure to have acceppted in the past week, but I could be wrong) and, in the sad end, I CANNOT VOTE.

please help. me and several other Asgardians.

thank you in advance.

Mar 8, 18 / Ari 11, 02 10:28 UTC

Good morning for changing data of your profile that can't be changed by you you have to sent an email to citizens you can find the mail on the bottom of the site (citizenship) i hope that helps 

Mar 8, 18 / Ari 11, 02 11:34 UTC

What? I cannot change my profile data myself (birth year obviously wrong) but I have to ask? mmhhhhh.. thi is no good to me...