Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 15:01 UTC

Curated list of Bugs - Website Update 0001-03-24  

- Document malformed:
- Multiple Invalid Syntax in stylesheets

Data Integrity:
- Multiple Data Issues with the map (submitted by anagodinho and BohZao)

User Experience:
- The general UX of the landing page ( path: / ) is decreased due to stacking backgrounds who are not compatible to each other
- equal color nuances for transparency effects as the underlying background for a fly-over let the fly-over appear less trackable, use: rgba(0,0,0,.4) instead.
- Underlined headings are a misconception use a full width transparency layer instead: rgba(0,0,0,.4) when using rgba(0,0,0,.4) at the fly-over.
- Tables should reflect the same content-concept as the map fly-over for consistency. Tables of Asgardians and Earhtlings, including the Chronicles should be fly-overs as well
- Operate with fixed view-port backgrounds instead of fading into absolute darkness.

User Interface:
- The (new) Asgardia Logo is not properly centered horizontally.
- Login / Logout button's and Forum-Links should be aligned bottom.
- (Mobile) The Navigation pull down is invaded by the forum-button.
- (Mobile) The Navigation pull down items do not reflect the actual page. - Content Container Boxing of sub pages should be less visually invasive (Submitted by EyeR)
- A private messaging system (Submitted by GVanderslice)

- Invitation Emails not send. (Submitted by BohZao)

- Integrate the Forum-Button as a Navigation Item.
- Let the Navigation-Item of the Forum reflect the new posts count of subscribed topics.
- Provide a change log at the forums. (Maybe at the Bug-Section)
- (Forums) Every Sub-Forum at the Forums list deserves a description, not just the Forums name (consistency).

- (UX) Forum List: Sections of sub-forums: Titles should be vertically centered, Titles should not use dark colors on dark panels.
- Topic Pagination Bug (Submitted by BohZao), that results in 404:

Social Networks:
- OpenGraph meta-data malformed ( og:* urls should be full qualified absolute URLs to the content, including a scheme, host and path )
- OpenGraph image can not be parsed properly. See Facebook Developer Tools - Sharing Debugger

- Day Hot-Spot is showing wrong date when turning of the gregorian number layer. (Submitted by mrisaacs)

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Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 15:05 UTC

the invite part is not working too they dont send email

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 15:08 UTC


Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 15:09 UTC


Well, now that is a very well formed amount of feedback. Thank you!

I'll link your thread so that they can see it. :) Just a note that the website update is only an interim update as we roll out more features and do bug hunting.

Kind regards, Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 15:17 UTC

Mobile bugs and general recommendations added.

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 15:18 UTC


Yeah, we're very aware of the mobile bugs. But thank you for adding them to the list!

Regards, Rebekah

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 15:23 UTC

Forums issues added.

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 15:43 UTC

theres a bug that every time that one person post a message and it complete a page (like page 3 and the message go to page 4 from topics) and then he delete it , if we try to go to the last post from topic we will go yo a page 404

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Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 15:49 UTC


Could you please provide a screenshot of the 404 bug please?

Thanks! Rebekah

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 16:55 UTC


to see this error go to :

unread topics and go clicking in the page number of topics that shows (not in the last topic),some of they will give you this page.

motive: if i post a message and it go to 2 page of a topic and i delete it , the unread topics will not delete the link to a 2 page of topic and if we try to click it , it will give error 404 since it doesn't exist anymore (unread topics dont refresh the number of pages it only "Add")

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 17:07 UTC

Thank you BohZao! That was extremely helpful of you. :)

Regards, Rebekah

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 17:08 UTC

Screenshot link orchestrated into the bug list.

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 17:15 UTC

Social Network concerning bugs of the website has been added. (Facebook OpenGraph issues, this time)

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 18:05 UTC

other bug:

Map of Asgardian around the globe is bugged he dont show all asgardians.

i and at least 5 friends and my girlfriend are from Santos/SP/ Brazil and this dont show in the map ,theres some cities that don't show the Asgardians in they

Rebekah: Well i doing what i can XD,a little change of topics: the Asgardian Store we should atualize the imgs in they the example of shirts, they are a little forced (the logo is with saturation and border to diferent from the shirts) nihylum can you put this too? since its pratically something thats need to be revised


we could remove citizenship or my application button?(or it is bugged and send us to the same page?) since they do the same?

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