Feb 20, 18 / Pis 23, 02 03:06 UTC

How to unfriend somebody?  

There is no other choice other then to accept friend request. When somebody wants to write you in private chat he/she can't do that until they are friends of you. So I need to accept all friend requests to allow such possibility. But after some time I discovered, that friends post nonverified antiscientific information like this - https://asgardia.space/en/blog/24566-a-39time-traveler39-says-he-returned-from-the-year-5000-and-has-bad-news/ or that - https://asgardia.space/en/blog/23413-red-people-can-be-de-facto-asgardians/

I want to be able to unfriend such people to not read such things. But see no UI elements in the interface of this site.

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Jul 16, 18 / Vir 01, 02 09:12 UTC

I am looking for this option too. If you ''ll know it some day, please share it with me. No body in forum or support can answer me how to kick off some freaks.

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Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 02:29 UTC

If a time traveler comes back from the year 5000 with bad news.  I would consider it a scientific impeeritive to at least give his story a listen.