Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 13:05 UTC

Job Positions on Asgardia  

What type of jobs can we expect once Asgardia is finished or in the process of being built and how can we apply for them? Like building, security, etc.

Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 13:56 UTC

If the draft constitution is anything to go by, it looks like there will only be one job in Asgardia - loyal subject.

Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 14:29 UTC

Great topic!

I would encourage everyone to contribute constructive suggestions to this topic as it may help another proposal currently being worked on by another Asgardia member here: 



Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs
NGO Asgardia

Jul 13, 17 / Leo 26, 01 22:54 UTC

Saying "On Asgardia" sounds like direct reference to the theoretical space station. Most if not all early positions will be science,  maintenance, and construction. Once it is built i would presume that will still remain while bringing in a heavy technology and research staff. People should try to remember that most people will not be going to space anytime soon and understand that the first residents will have to be trained and educated professionals.

Now that being said, Asgardia is a global project at this stage. People will have government work to do and there will be regular work in shipping, server and web building,  cyber security, law enforcement, and of course lawyers, bankers, doctors and teachers. And anyone willing to work with or start an Asgardian business will be able to work in any field within the free market.

Basically,  if you can dream it, Asgardia has a place for it.

Dec 11, 17 / Cap 09, 01 03:44 UTC

Assuming that there will be a large population on Asgardia (and yes, but that I mean on the space station) be it 10,000 or 10,000,000, most jobs we have on Earth will be needed on Asgardia. People will need doctors, lawyers, stores to buy things, and probably entertainment as well. For that matter, tourism would likely be a major industry as once there exists a place in space to travel to and a reasonable means to travel there (such as one that supported 10,000+ people moving there) there will undoubtedly be a demand for tourism. Stores will need clothing, food, and other articles. For the most part, it will be far cheaper to manufacture those items there than to have them shipped from the surface. Any jobs that can have telecommuters could be provided from the surface but at the same time, those on Asgardia could provide those same services for those on the surface as well. Food will also likely need to be produced on Asgardia as transporting food to feed 10,000+ people on a continuous basis would be far more expensive. Teachers for kids and college professors will be needed. Maintenance, emergency services, and of course scientists will be needed. There probably won't be as much need for people in the transportation industry (other than transportation to and from the station) as the station will be as compact as possible and transportation that is needed would probably be built in and automated, but that is one of only a few industries I don't foresee being needed on Asgardia (and even that will probably pop up as Asgardia grows beyond one station). Ultimately this assumes a population of at least a decent size town, but I believe the ultimate goal is to make this large enough for everyone who wants to live there and large enough to be able to stand on its own as an independent nation. This may not apply to a smaller preliminary station if such a project is enacted first, but the final end result would no doubt require people from almost every industry. It would have its own economy just like any other nation (or any other city for that matter).

Jun 29, 18 / Leo 12, 02 21:10 UTC

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Sajjadul Islam

Jul 13, 18 / Leo 26, 02 00:44 UTC

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