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Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 21:20 UTC

Trueque (Money free), the new old trade for services and goods  

The only way to prevent future disappointments is to understand a simple but colossal point, money is not the only answer to the needs of people. We can create a system where people from around the world can work and receive goods or services as payment by the mentioned work. And in the same way this work/job performed can be a payment to what previously accorded. I am a general physician and I would like to mention that you are all invited to begin in your free time to do something for your neighbors or community where you can buy/pay something not just with money but also with any service you can perform or products in your possession, not involving with the exception of sexual relations in any form. I am willing to give medical consultation in exchange of what the patient can afford, if it's money, the patient is the one who will decide at the end of the visit how much is my work worth, and how much will he pay for that consultation, according to what they can afford. If it's not money, I am also a human being and need to live, eat, sleep, and dream; so food is accepted, as well as any goods or services offered by the patient which can include books, paintings, photographs, car maintenance, house cleaning, concerts, lectures and classes of any kind, and so on the limitation is only ourselves. Be what you are, love. Spread charity and understanding. The forgotten and highest goal of human kind is the development of the universe. Together, as one.


Dec 24, 16 / Cap 23, 00 09:17 UTC

I agree 100% being tied down by money is not a joke especially in New York City. I will be great if we are going break the chains of money. It can be done but it's difficult to do but we will never know until we try.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 04:32 UTC

"It can be done but it's difficult to do but we will never know until we try."

It's actually remarkably easy to do - it's not difficult, but it will take a little initial outlay and take time. I might of already outlined a method where a concept such as reduced dependance on currency can become reality. With less than 10% of our population prepared to do something towards such a goal, it's possbile to make this happen. With the larger percentile on board, it's unstoppable. You will, or you will not. There is no try.

I've not taken part in the "poll" as I see such things to detract from the seriousness of the entire affair and devolve it to a state of a popularity contest - at which point you might as well load up the site with spam, malware, engage in shady data collection and utilisation practices and rename it to facebook. The only thing we should really be requiring to vote on, at the moment at least, is the things that are ratified into social and governmental policy.

However such topics are of interest to me, and mimic sentiments I've held for a long time. Fictional resources are of incredibly limited use, and a source of more problems than they solve.

It's refreshing to encounter someone "professionally qualified" prepared to behave in a socially respectable manner that's more about bettering the situation of others as opposed to personal profit. Kudos. More of this thinking should be prominent - and hopefully as more and more of our needs are met it shall become more and more of the norm. I can go one better and offer for no recompense, but my situation will allow for thus.

I don't feel this topic is well placed in "business and marketing" as the core function of a business is to generate revenue - and I interpreted the opening post to be more about mutal benefit. I'm not overly sure where would be more appropriate, potentially Ministry of Equity and Resources » Resource Acquisition and Management -=- as the greatest single resource is undeniably population and the things they are capable of doing, and if this isn't utilising available resources efficiently I don't know what is. Maybe a subsection could be established in there, which itself is subsectioned by topic and in there folks can offer up problems for interested parties to solve for them. To be honest I'm unsure about now if it'd make more sense to have people posting what they can do - and then these threads get plagued by the people wanting these services, or to have a series of threads for citizens problems to be responded to by the capable/interested and allow them to select from teh presented options - or some mixture therof. Potentially, the existing forum structure as is wouldn't be suitable at all, certainly for anything of a sensitive nature. In the case of things like medical advise, and other areas potential to result in harm, there ideally needs to be some measure of certainty able to be applied in order to determine suitability to answer queries and provide for resolutions.

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Mar 5, 17 / Ari 08, 01 13:03 UTC

In the South of Chile, the Mapuche people still have a Trueque market. And works perfectly