Nov 21, 18 / Sag 17, 02 08:48 UTC

How to start business in Asgardia?  

Ok, so there is a Citizenship Fee now and things are getting serious.

Hence there are looming questions:

* Is there a legal base in place yet to make money in Asgardia?
* How can one start up a new business under Asgardia legislation?

Right now I can't find answers to these looming questions, so does anyone know anything about this?

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Dec 21, 18 / Cap 19, 02 14:10 UTC

Dear Houkime,

Let's be partner with you to set up company.

I want to start a company

Best Regards,


Dec 25, 18 / Cap 23, 02 14:27 UTC

This is one of the questions I also have. My understanding is that the underpinnings of the ability to start a business in Asgardia, does not yet exist (to my knowledge). I have a blog post that I originally intended to start as a "Getting Started Guide" for new people to answer this and other questions.

However, I don't have time to write the guide now. Extenuating circumstances. I did turn the post into a "What a New Person Would like to Know" post with all of my questions, since I cannot find all the answers in one location.

Hopefully Asgardia will answer these questions and place them in a guide for new people or include them in the FAQ.

Dec 28, 18 / Cap 26, 02 17:22 UTC

Do you think the answers to these questions are on the Official Asgardia Facebook page? I have not joined it, i actually left the Facebook page late last year, nothing was happening but a bunch of people talking nonsense. I think if we dig deeper into Asgardia forums, facebook page, and youtube videos we would find some of the answers we are looking for. Yes I too want to start a business in Science and Technology (I'm an Aerospace Engineer and programmer), I would also like to apply for a government grant to help with funding my project(s). I'm sure the answers are out there if we dig deeper and ask the right people. 

Dec 29, 18 / Cap 27, 02 18:17 UTC


Since, I've been here, I've done just that: hunting, pecking, asking, pleading (shouting), posting and lurking on various sites, channels, YouTube, etc... to find some of these answers.

Some of the answers I found. Then someone said to me in the forums that a lot of the info we find here in the forums for answers to those questions are out of date.

I'm a Technical Writer by trade and to me, it doesn't seem hard to have an answer to these types of questions all in one place. That seems to be the most logical answer for it.

As for Facebook -- keeping in line with documentation best practices -- and IF IS the single source of primary truth for Asgardia, then in theory, all of the answers to these questions, should be found on the site FIRST. Meaning, if the answers are on Facebook --- they should be here on the site first and foremost before they are shared on Facebook.

I got rid of Facebook six years ago. Nobody should have to be required to join an unethical company just to get correct information.

Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 01:15 UTC

@MistyWrites, I understand, I'm an Engineer and its easy for me to find technical documentation and all that, Heck I write technical documents myself. I know where everything it located for the work I do. 

Asgardia, doesn't make it easy for us to find the information that we need. I feel our best bet is to get to know members of Parliament and Mayors in our area. Friend them and talk with them. I just met Ricky Sickles a Member a Parliament. He lives in Ohio, USA. I asked him to provide some answers to the questions people are asking on this forum and on the FB page. So far i have not heard anything back. But it is a holiday so maybe within the next few days he will reply. 

Maybe we should work together to put a list of all the FAQ and post it here on this Forum and on the FB page. We can then see if anyone will answer them, I'll only accept answers from Parliament, mayor or the Head of Nation and leadership (Prime Minister etc.). 

Jan 7, 19 / Aqu 07, 03 14:05 UTC

Hello, this is my first day at Asgardia.

I'm System Administrator and thinking about online shop be a great to have some Shop Infrastructure. Me and I think many people don't like FB and will be great to be make some FAQ manual for anyone.
If you wont I can tell you one my Idea for a non-profit online store where:

Any person or institution can offer goods or services where other people or institutions purchase the product in question in order for donations to be donated for various purposes, such as emergency surgery or natural disaster ...

Apr 14, 19 / Tau 20, 03 20:49 UTC

Oh, I just returned to Asgardia for a day to check out changes and possible solutions to business problems but sadly again could find nothing.

In the community FAQ there is a business section

And it is said that registration is open, but no further details.

On the legislation news side, I also found no movement towards business opportunities. In fact, besides ceremonial there was almost no movement at all.

I am a programmer and (sometimes) electronics engineer (KiCAD) and I would like to make or participate in the tech startup or a software studio.

@Emre484 Cool! What do you have in mind?
Though I doubt we can actually do sth here in the near 5 years by the looks of things.

May 2, 19 / Gem 10, 03 22:34 UTC

Please talk about this in the next legislation session any Asgardian Government Officials that are reading this thread! It's extremely important we have open and good dealings with businesses if you want Asgardia to truly thrive and get more money flowing into the coffers!

May 5, 19 / Gem 13, 03 00:37 UTC

I am extremely interested in this myself. I run my own business now an being able to step it into here is a goal. 

Jun 14, 19 / Can 25, 03 09:54 UTC

I have lot of ideas for business, but how to start?

without starting capital? without team?

ok. let's join together for a community and calmly discuss how to get started?