Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 12:52 UTC

Required volunteer help to achieve future goals..  

Hello everyone

I am posting here to let all of you to know we require volunteer assistant help to write novels....

I have drafted the publication house proposal to the official & waiting for the reply in the meantime we can complete our  novels & comic story to sell it online first to generate revenue for asgardia ....

By doing this we can strengthen aagardia economy  as well as we can strengthen ourself financially also .

If anyone is interested in this venture please drop your msg here....


Kashif shaikh

National community manager of India for asgardia 

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 13:18 UTC

Hello Kashif,

I've written and had published a small sci-fi theatrical monologue back in my country. I guess I could give a shot at an English one :)

It's a great idea to jump-start Asgardia's creativity. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Sotirios Ψ.

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 14:31 UTC

I really like this initiative. I have a creative mind, but a novel would be too far fetched for me I guess. Well you never know :) 

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 17:58 UTC

 My short story turned into a multipurpose, multilevel project to break ground on a concept to build the foundation for Continental Space Terminals. While promoting Asgardias on an Epic scale. 

Jul 22, 18 / Vir 07, 02 10:40 UTC

Thanks everyone 

For your reply shortly I will release more information regarding the project then who ever is interested then please let me know.....

Jul 22, 18 / Vir 07, 02 18:13 UTC

Hello I like that your entrepreneurial that means I'm not alone lets work together. 

Aug 26, 18 / Lib 14, 02 16:28 UTC

i have written the novel about the dark future of the planet earth, but dont know how to publish it, can asgardia community provide me assistance?

Sep 18, 18 / Sco 09, 02 13:02 UTC

I like the sound of this :)