I'm uncertain what I could say to convince my fellow Asgardians to vote for me. I honestly feel they should vote for whoever best represents their needs and values. So rather than try and persuade you to try and vote for me I'll tell you my values and what I stand for. Be aware, I am 33, if the age limit is not lowered, as is in consideration, my candidacy will not result in a seat in Parliament, however, I hope it can at least indicate a desire in Asgardians for a free and just society ruled from the bottom up. 

Why am I running?

I want to contribute to Asgardia in the best way I can. While I have technical knowledge of computer systems, my real expertise is in communication and condensing information for my audience. Whether that's using metaphor and simile to explain very technical information to someone who lacks that expertise or vice versa, my lateral thinking ability makes me very able to communicate with people competently around many fields. Likewise, my tendency to delve into many areas of interest but never specializing in them provides me the ability to see cross-disciplinary solutions that might otherwise be missed. In short, I'm running because I feel like this is the best way I can contribute to Asgardia.

If elected, what are my goals?

First and foremost my goal is to represent my constituents interests. I will endeavor to make myself available and hold regular "town halls" where constituents can voice concerns or their viewpoint. I am a firm believer in dialectic, however, and as such, even if I agree with your points will challenge them, seeking to find the best possible outcomes and ideas to move forward for possible legislation. Secondarily I believe our constitution is a good starting point but has many problematic things within it which should be amended. I will seek to correct these issues by putting a vote to Parliament to call referendum on the following issues and others my constituents voice concern for:

  1. Clarifying more specific language on what cannot be deemed unacceptable speech. As written the constitution could allow the suppression of free speech for any group expressing a view counter to what the HoS or Council see as correct.
  2. Establishing a secondary, bottom up, bottom up, power structure which represents the people though a series of local community committees and councils that provide delegates up to a national level, allowing for a merger of direct and representative democracy.
  3. Investing primary control over military and police forces in this bottom up structure, with Government's power being limited to the vetoing of use of force and restriction of force to defense.
  4. Investing powers of distribution and administration of Government programs at the local level in this secondary structure.
  5. Establishing a majority vote requirement. While consensus voting might make those who win the vote feel more confident its a disservice to democracy. It suppresses dissent by coercion or cowing as individuals seek to avoid "gumming up the works" and robs those who dissent the agency to promote their viewpoint. If the consensus turns out to harm, the blame is dispersed to all, even though they actively disagreed with the decision. A majority vote system, in turn, while it may disgruntle and frustrate at times, those who dissent can maintain their position and have ethical grounds to continue arguing their side in future votes and debates, their agency intact. This promotes better and more diverse ideas which should be a strength in a democratic system.

I feel that these changes will ensure a vibrant future for Asgardia and efficient government and representation of our people, no matter how far flung we are from one another.

What is my stance on corporate and business influence?

If I succeed in my above points, I believe the bottom up structure should be the primary interface between business and governance, thus those most impacted by such decision are the ones making them. Barring this, however, I will endeavor to make all government and business cooperation transparent and public. I will put forward legislation to require that any and all subsidization of business by the Asgardian people must come in the form of a standalone bill and for a specific some of money over a specified period of time. It will specifically prohibit the use of tax incentives and other forms of indirect subsidization so that we are fully transparent and clear about where our money is being spent and such bills can be overturned without having to rework other legislation. Further, I will put forward legislation prohibiting the accepting of gifts from businesses to members of Government, Parliament, or the Municipal branches, as well as donations to charities or organizations associated with these members or their families. If a business wishes to persuade with its resources it should propose to do so in ways that benefit all of Asgardia, not individual members of our government. 

What is my stance on Social issues?

As above, if I succeed in my goal of the secondary power structure, I would invest control of social issues primarily in the people in this way. However, I would also put forward legislation to establish that this power cannot be used to harm or discriminate. So while individual communities may determine they wish to operate under certain ethical codes or ideologies, they cannot use these ideas as a bludgeon on those that disagree. If I am not successful I will always seek the path of least harm while allowing the most freedom of expression, whatever that may mean. Sometimes we must accept a little discomfort in order to do the most good for all, especially in a society made up of so much diversity.

I won't promise the stars or a bright clean and beautiful future. I don't think any individual Candidate can with total honesty. Governance and the creation of laws and representation of the people are complex and gritty issues. We will make mistakes but we can learn from them and push forward. What I will promise is that I will always listen, I will respect your privacy, and I will always represent your interests. If you wish me to clarify any specific positions on issues I will do my best to do so here. I also express some of these views in more detail on my blog: https://asgardia.space/en/user/342500/profile/view/