I have read carefully the platforms of my fellow candidates and hope to read them all by tomorrow.

I was positively impressed with many of them. However, I have noticed that some Asgardian brothers base their platforms on old political techniques still in force in our societies of origin. It is not a criticism but a personal observation and I ask you to forgive those who think that politics should be done in this way. Let's remember that Asgárdia is the NEW under construction. Our home societies taught us EVERYTHING that should NOT be done. We have already learned from this and have seen that it no longer serves us. What we are doing at this moment is building the foundations of Asgardia. How can we promise to do something without first laying the foundations that will serve as a parameter for new political decisions? We must focus all our efforts on this fact: Build the solid foundations of a NEW society. We are the foundation stones that will support everything that is built later. So let us be solid in our intentions.

We are building Asgardia for our children, our grandchildren, and it is in them that we should think. As one Indian proverb says: "WE HAVE NOT INHERITED THE EARTH OF OUR ANCESTRATES, WE PURSUE OUR CHILDREN."

Perceive the depth of this thought. Everything we do in the present moment will reflect on the lives of our descendants. So it is for them that we must rule. Yes, we must defend the creation of sound guidelines, based on the Constitution of Asgárdia, where everything will start. So this is a responsibility task and must be thought of so as to enable it in the future to serve as a solid framework for other policy decisions. We have become Asgardians. We chose this. But our children and grandchildren will be born Asgadians. Let's think about this in the long run.

A fraternal hug

Lucio Garcia da Costa - Government Candidate, District 9 - Portuguese