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Asgardia - A Spark of Hope  

A Spark of Hope

The smallest spark of hope is enough to light a small flame of determination and keep driving a person forward to greater things.  A lifetime of trials, challenges and change can seem enough to snuff out that flame.When our spark grows dim, the light of hope shared by another can illuminate our way and re-ignite that spark and help us carry on.

I believe that the space nation of Asgardia represents a spark of hope for humankind.  Its brightness is grown and made brighter by the cumulative hope each citizen brings to the community. Our nation, even while it is still young, has the potential of great change and awesome power. It wields the strength of the combined hope of people who can envision a better and more peaceful way to live. With each moment it grows, it brings us closer to a place where people can work together, truly unified, in making this vision a reality.  

The journey to becoming a recognized, fully functioning nation will not be an easy one.  Each of us will need to roll up our sleeves and contribute what we can. No contribution is too small, and every voice or idea can make a difference and should be presented. We can never know what could have been if our opinions and ideas are not shared with each other openly. To stifle these things is to stifle our growth potential.

While I am no expert in the fields of science or technology, I know that there are many options of what I can and will do to contribute to the making of our nation. It is my intent to use every tool, knowledge, life experience, and my willingness to learn so I can help our growth efforts. I have made the choice to be a part of something great and make a difference. I will carry my spark of hope to share with others in time of need. I will add my spark to our joined hope so that our future will shine brightly. Will you join me? 

I have 14 years of experience working with all levels of local government. My background in local government, private sector, and nonprofit sector includes compliance and regulatory oversight, contract management, RFP creation/review as well as government petition creation and coordination.

You can read more about my background here: LINKEDIN: ADRIENNE "ADRIE" NEWMAN

With your vote for me as Strategist, I will:

  1. Ensure that your voice is heard in the higher levels of our government. 
  2.  Make sure that petitions and projects of interest to our community that are undertaken, keep the momentum and presence needed to be completed.
  3. Facilitate thorough, regular and accurate communications of relevant information for our community from the higher levels of our government to you the people.  

Please Vote at:     https://asgardia.space/en/blog/candidate/803307-11366-a-spark-of-hope/    or      https://asgardia.com/en/blog/candidate/803307-11366-a-spark-of-hope/

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Jul 19, 17 / Vir 04, 01 23:57 UTC

Thank you to those that have voted for me. 

As we move forward, I look forward to working with all of my fellow Asgardians to progress our nation towards our goals.

Kind Regards,


Jul 25, 17 / Vir 10, 01 21:01 UTC

Hello fellow Asgardians!

For those that are not award, there is a wonderful write-up  in the latest "Let's Talk" by Rebekah Berg.  It provides some good details about how the election process works, and what areas each of the different leadership positions cover.

For your convenience, the link is here: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/asgardia/13813-let39s-talk-asgardia-leadership-elections-suggestions-for-picking-leaders/  

As always, I appreciate your votes and support for my candidacy as Strategist.  I am available for discussion with my community, and can be reached at: adrie.newman@protonmail.ch

Kind Regards,

Adrie Newman

Candidate for Strategist 

Aug 5, 17 / Vir 21, 01 06:04 UTC

Hello Fellow Asgardians,

As we continue through the election process, I would like to remind everyone that it is very important that each and every citizen exercise their right to vote.  This is our chance to make sure we are represented by people who will be our voice in the governmental body.  Voting for our leadership is one of the basic methods of helping in the establishment of our nation. I encourage everyone to read through the leadership applications, read through the candidate blogs, and get to know who each of the individuals are. Be vigilante in your review, ask the candidates questions about the topics you are interested in. Yes, it will take time to be thorough, but in doing so you will have performed your citizen duty and made your voice known.

To access voting, go to  https://asgardia.space/en/nomination  then click on view candidates.  Once there you can filter by each of the different positions.  You can increase the range of viewable candidates by using the little arrows next to your city name. Clicking these arrows increases the range by 100 k per click.  You will need to click on the title of the position the person is running for (ex: "Debutant", "Strategist", or "Trendsetter") to pull up their candidate page.

Let your voice be heard! Vote!

Kind Regards,


Candidate for Strategist

Sep 28, 17 / Sco 19, 01 19:51 UTC

My Fellow Asgardians,

As the election process continues, it is important that we keep forward momentum in establishing our government leadership.  I appreciate your diligence in reviewing candidate profiles and voting.  I am running for the office of Strategist and would ask that you take the time to review my page, and support me.  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Kind Regards,


Candidate for Strategist