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Slogan:  Asgardia, One People and One Vision.  Together We Can.

Governmental Foundation:

We the People of the Asgardia, in Order to form the first extraterrestrial and a more perfect terrestrial Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.  

The above adapted preamble to the United States Constitution embodies a timeless and all-inclusive standard of living that is basic to all humanity and extraterrestrial life that we will encounter in the future.  It is a unifying call to the spirit of every sentient life now and forever.

It is this spirit by which I shall serve the people of Asgardia.  I find the connecting thread of the above preamble in the words more, establish, insure, common, general and secure.  The pillars of Asgardian society are found in the words Union, Justice, Tranquility, common defense, general Welfare, Blessing of Liberty.

The arch of truth is found in the fact that the above code is vested in the people of Asgardia and not the Asgardian Government.  The purpose of the Asgardian Government is to ensure the above liberties while leading the nation into our collective future within the framework of the Asgardian Constitution.

Our Civic Duty:

While the above is the responsibility of the government and the collective society to the individual; the individual also has a duty to the collective Asgardian society.  This is embodied in John F. Kennedy’s statement of “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”Each citizen of Asgardia is expected to be a contributing member of society.  We all come to Asgardia with different abilities and Asgardia will prosper as each citizen exercises his or her abilities to their fullest extent.Any able bodied citizen unwilling to contribute should be returned to their Earth country of origin and stripped of their Asgardian citizenship.

The Economy:

I am not an Economist but one of the first issues that must be taken up is how the space nation is going to generate a self-sustaining economic engine to achieve our vision as articulated by our founder, Mr. Igor Ashurbeyli:

Asgardia, “– a global, unifying and humanitarian project. The project's concept comprises three parts – philosophical, legal and scientific/technological.”

We are currently funded by the personal funds of Mr. Ashurbeyli (and others), crowd funding and sourcing, and private donations.  I believe this can only sustain the space nation in its infancy and if we are to achieve our stated goals we must develop an economic engine based on technology and its derivatives.  Free market principles must be foundational.

Other candidates have expressed the need for a cashless society.  I fully agree with this sentiment but motivation and incentive cannot be lost in the process.  Without motivation and incentive there is no innovation.  Motivation and incentive must be present at every level of Asgardian society.  Obtaining monetary credits should not be the main goal of “Motivation and Incentive.”The main goal should be for the betterment of Asgardian society and our Posterity.

Health & Education:

I believe in, and support, universal education.  Additionally, I support universal health care provided quality care with timely availability for access is present for all Asgardians at an affordable cost to Asgardian Space Nation.  There should be only one standard of care for health and education.  Those from Asgardian government and from the top to the bottom of Asgardian society receive the same education and standard care.

My Qualifications:

Should I be granted the privilege of serving in parliament, I will solemnly execute the above philosophy in accordance with the Asgardian Constitution.  I will listen to your feedback before casting any vote or putting forth any final versions of legislation.

I feel I am uniquely qualified based on my half-century of life experiences.  During my earliest years I grew up poor in a small town in North Carolina, United States.  I faced individual and societal racial persecution.  In my mid/late childhood my parents placed a high value on education as a means for rising out of poverty and a better life.  This coupled with band in high school and exposure to others outside my neighborhood gave me a pathway out of poverty.  Upon graduation I joined the US Marines and extended my music career another four years.  This was my first exposure to other people and cultures outside of my small town.  Lifelong friendships were forged and cherished to this day. After the Marines, I joined the Air Force Reserves as a medical technician and served the next 16 years rising from a basic medical technician to enlisted leader.  During this time I obtained my License Vocation Nurse license and worked in Acute Care, Urgent Care, Home Health and as a Jail Nurse.  At my heart I am a technology person working the last 17 years in the computer field first as an Information System Technician Trainee and working my way up to my current position as an Information Technologist II.

Education:  I hold Associates degrees in Microcomputer Programming, Vocational Nursing and Liberal Arts.            

My civic contribution over the years include serving as an Elder, Board member, PowerPoint and Praise Team member at  my local church.  I currently serve on the Board and Architectural Committee of our Home Owners’ Association.  I serve on the Board and participate in the local non-profit community choir.  In partnership, I created a non-profit organization that handles the finances of individuals receiving social benefits that are unable to manage their benefits.  I serve on its board and as vice-president.  I am responsible for the organization’s governmental compliance and taxes.  In addition, I own and operate a for-profit business serving the developmentally disabled.

I am married to a wonderful wife of 21 years who is an educator and we have two young daughters who are aspiring actresses and thespians.