Welcome, I am here to support Asgardia and that's why I offered my candidacy in the "Other" district. I wish we can be able to turn this Great Idea into our co-shared future - because the Asgardian ideal is truly remarkable. If you are in the "Other" district, please consider my candidacy and vote for me!

If we want to achieve our dreams, we will have to face plenty of problems and challenges. As a careful student of sociology, co-shared beliefs, complex problems of  human cultures, and ever-growing challenges of 21st century (fake news, online confusion, conflicting biases, technology etc.), I assure you I  would do everything in my capacity to tackle the looming threat of these ever-emerging issues. You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it, hence we shall make Asgardia the first human nation that is able to adapt, evolve and change as required, for the sake of future space endeavors and Asgardian ideals.

Space, moon, drones? A better life in Asgardia? Freedom for all, no matter their nation? Fully functional Asgardian government, where every eventuality is accounted for? Pretty important issues in the future of Asgardia, I agree. But what about the foundations of our nation first? Asgardian culture, Asgardian identity, Asgardian art? Asgardian symbols and ideas? Better functioning website and forum? Asgardian entertaiment? Something that bonds us together, no matter where we are now, and allows us to build upon the foundations of our new Asgardian identity? Grow the nation and then grow our nation's ambitions? They are all extremely important in the early stage of our nation. Also, we can't allow for outside influences to destroy our dream and we can't allow for outside world corruption to spread within Asgardia. My platform is to defend Asgardia from these dangerous problems and secure our future - to ensure that we have a future to begin with.

Asgardia  is an experimental nation of the future, a precious fresh idea given life. It is only natural that we adopt novel solutions and entirely new perspective to look at the world at large, one that makes us resilient and successful. Asgardian community shall remain fair and strong; unlike  broken institutions and goverments as they manifest in our respective territories, wchich ultimately leads many people at the edge of abyss and consumes their resources in political disturbances. Enough is enough – in Asgardia, our beautiful ideals shall be the effective basis of the Asgardian society, politics and growth!

One humanity, one unity, one world…

My Campaign Page, please see the details: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/21272-my-campaign-avoid-the-problems-of-the-past

If you agree, please vote: https://asgardia.space/en/elections/candidates/Other/21269