Nov 27, 17 / Sag 23, 01 14:53 UTC

I leave Asgardia because of the age limit. Please Vote for Ivan Rosel and Dirk Baeyens  

I need to say sorry for my voters but I think I need to delete my account.

There are too many people who says we need to follow the Constitution word by word and we cannot change that. I cannot agree with that 40 years age limit, so I cannot agree with the constitution anymore.

Please vote for Ivan Rosel and Dirk Baeyens, they are thinking similar to me in several questions and they are above 40. Thank you!

Nov 27, 17 / Sag 23, 01 16:24 UTC

Thank you for your service and hard-work so far. Sorry to see you go :( 

Nov 27, 17 / Sag 23, 01 16:39 UTC

Noooo! Miklos Horvath, with all the work you've done for Asgardia, why do you leave so soon!?? We need to talk about it!!
The poll already shows that more and more Citizens feel concerned about the election crisis and among them a majority of voters are willing to have a referendum and/or a vote from the Parliament to amend the Constitution and change the minimum age for candidates for Parliament!! There is good hope there!

Now you have left... and entrusted Dick and I with your votes...
Well, if it is your last will for Asgardia, here is Dick's candidate profile:

as to mine, I prefer instead to share the link to the blog post in which I explain why to vote for that very important poll and encourage everyone to vote there too:

Please, everyone, whatever your opinion might be, vote for the poll!

Nov 27, 17 / Sag 23, 01 19:34 UTC

I'm sorry to see you leave, but if that is your choice, then thank you very much for your service.  Even if you cannot be a parliamentary member this round, there are always future elections, I would ask you don't give up.  However, there is no electoral crisis, to be candid.  While I do believe it should've been 30 instead of 40, I also understand why it is this way.  I also know that those 18 to 29 would probably be angry and demanding that it be lower so they can run, but there has to be a limit.  Still, I wish you well in all of your endeavors.