Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 20:40 UTC

I'm Running at The Asgardia's Elections  

I am running at the elections, thank you if you consider me as an option.  https://asgardia.space/en/blog/candidate/687213-3507-for-science/

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Jul 22, 17 / Vir 07, 01 16:05 UTC

I joined Asgardia because I want to make the world a better place. I believe in science and equal opportunities for women and men.

Oct 20, 17 / Oph 13, 01 07:34 UTC

I'm really glad to see that Asgardia is going forward all the time, as long as this continues to be the case we'll be far in no time.

Nov 8, 17 / Sag 04, 01 11:08 UTC

If I am elected I will work to the best of my ability to ensure Asgardia is becomes an efficient, recognized and fully operational nation.

I believe that if we conduct ourselves professionally,we will prove our nation to be a worthy and beneficial addition to the collection of states that are recognized now by other states. I further believe that recognition will come in short order. 

To that end, I pledge to carry out my duties to help this nation run efficiently,work with all the matters at hand within the best of my ability and do my best to always present a positive impression of both of myself on a personal basis and of our nation Asgardia.

I would do everything in my power to ensure that we don't fall from our good path of becoming a fully recognized and independent Space Nation.

It is my hope that I am able to do my part to ensure that Asgardia is and always will be free from racism of any kind and serve as an exemplar in providing equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, religion or origin. I would make my own decisions accordingly and do my best to encourage others by my example, not only through my words, but through my actions.

Forming and maintaining useful connections both to Asgardians and citizens of earthly nations is a very important component the diplomatic efforts of a space nation and I'd do my best to ensure I'm doing my share.

I would also, of course, do my best to ensure that any resources Asgardia has would be used the best way possible. We would work to get the most results from what we have. As a growing nation we need to make good decisions about what we try to achieve and how, so we don't waste what we have on too big projects on a early stage or on the other hand, waste too much of our time in projects so small they don't bring us the return we need in a terms of success. 

I think that it is important that we always act polite and respectful towards others in all of our interactions so that we present a positive impression about ourselves and Asgardia as a whole.

I would be happy to see Asgardia become a leader in the field of scientific achievements. In addition, I hope that we also inspire other nations, corporations, organizations and individuals to work hard in the field of science so that we'd make this world a better place for everyone.

To achieve that, we should provide the best possible environment for scientists to work in. As Asgardians we want to encourage others to work in the field of science for a better tomorrow.

For Asgardia to success, we mustn't forget the revenue factor from our budget. We need to make money in order to spend it. That is why the whole project of encouraging start-up corporations is one of the key issues we must keep in mind right from the start. Given the change, I would do my best to ensure that we have the best possible environment for such a activity and that the companies can also grow without facing unnecessary obstacles on their way,thus making sure we'd have the best business environment possible and we gain a good reputation, bringing us more corporations and individuals to further strengthen Asgardia. 

As we are new nation undergoing our first elections, we will see many things for the first time after the elections are over and those elected take their seats. We do not have the luxury of Old Earth nations in working from an established template, but must remain flexible in plans, but resolute in guiding principles.

These are the principles I would like in place from the start that we can build upon as we move forward.


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Nov 8, 17 / Sag 04, 01 14:51 UTC

Thank you very much from your kind words Dirk.

All the best, Matti.

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Nov 8, 17 / Sag 04, 01 17:18 UTC

IMO this is a blog, not a forum - and if anything you need a link to your user profile, a generic link to all trensetters is well... 

Nov 8, 17 / Sag 04, 01 18:28 UTC

Hi Chris!

Thank you for reminding me about the correct link, that slipped through my mind even though I had it in mind when I updated some of the info.

Sadly the simple copy&paste from the voting page by myself generates an pretty useless link.

All the best, Matti.


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Nov 16, 17 / Sag 12, 01 09:20 UTC

It's very sad that there aren't many views on this thread, and the fact that not many comments at all is not very good either.

These are our historical first election ever and this would be an perfect time to make a difference.

If anyone wants to ask anything besides the things I have already said regarding my candidacy or something like that. - I'm here.

Thank you.

Jan 16, 18 / Aqu 16, 02 18:48 UTC


Here is an link to my campaign profile, I think that it works. If not, please let me know.

And thank you to all who voted/votes for me, your support means a lot.


Feb 8, 18 / Pis 11, 02 20:33 UTC

My campaign profile has been updated with the three ministries I think I'd be best suited, feel free to check it out.

Thank you. 

Feb 22, 18 / Pis 25, 02 20:28 UTC


I'd like to thank everybody who has voted for me so far and I hope that more Asgardians will notice my platform and consider voting for me as more votes would be even better. 

Best regards 

Matti Viikate

Mar 1, 18 / Ari 04, 02 20:03 UTC

I noticed that while I still see Friend Request in my notifications from some of you, I can't at the moment accept them as the whole button has vanished. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon and after that I accept them, so don't think that I've just ignored you.

In other news the elections are soon over and I once again thank you all from your support, also if you haven't checked my platform or voted me yet, you still have some time to check me out.

Thank you for your time.

Mar 8, 18 / Ari 11, 02 09:44 UTC

Hello again,

Now that the voting is almost over I'd like to thank you all the new voters and the old ones from your trust in me and that you took the time to learn something about me and my platform. I hope we'll get to turn as many of the things I've talked about into the reality as possible.

Best regards

Matti Viikate

Mar 11, 18 / Ari 14, 02 07:31 UTC

Hello again

As I'm below 40 my journey as a candidate is still going on, I'm happy and thankful for every vote that I got, so thank you again all.

I hope your weekend is going well and Congratulations to everyone who made it to the latest MP list and their voters.

Mar 11, 18 / Ari 14, 02 19:54 UTC

Hello Matti,

I checked your profile and thinking about questions I have. I have already voted for you and will write my questions here soon. I appreciate it if you have time and could check my platform.
Maybe you liked it and want vote for me.

I wish you good luck!