Should we have a campaign hackathon?

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Oct 10, 17 / Oph 03, 01 12:37 UTC

No votes? A tip: organize a campaign "hackathon" to promote ourselves by advancing Asgardian goals in a meritocratic manner  

It occurs to me that several improvements to the current campaign system might be in order, not just for my campaign but for the many Asgardians who also have zero votes.  Below I outline my argument.

Problems of the Current Campaign System

1) A purely digital campaigning platform relies on voters being able to read your campaign message.  If it's too long, people won't read it in its entirety.  If it's too short, people will lack enough information to judge your candidacy on.  If the link doesn't look interesting enough, people likely won't read it at all.

2) In traditional campaigning, campaign rallies are organized.  Potential voters are alerted as to when/where to come hear candidates speak.  Asgardian campaigning does not have this.  People have to decide to click on your link to receive your campaign message.

3) Campaigning here is very much like throwing food into the water, hoping fish will bite.  In a digital world one has no idea who will receive their message, if at all.

4) Asgardia is a meritocracy.  It occurs to me that a campaign system better than simply hoping votes will come is to earn votes based on actual actions we perform for Asgardia.  Those best able to do something good for Asgardia will receive more recognition and thus votes. 

The Proposed Solution

My idea is to have a campaign "hackathon" of sorts.  Candidates have a month to complete a project that will help advance the goals of Asgardia.  They can organize into teams to do so, and teams can fall under different categories according to the different Ministries of Asgardia (Science, Trade and Commerce, Information and Communication, etc.) 

At the end of the month, Asgardians can then vote to rank the solutions by relative benefit to Asgardia.  Those with highest merit will be promoted and thus will receive more votes.

Why There Is A Need

I've been a member of Asgardia for about 3 months now.  During that time I've posted to the Forums, to my blog, to several Facebook groups, made several friends on Asgardia.  Still my candidate page ( languishes at Debutant level with zero votes.  Many others appear to be in the same position.

Actions to Take

If you like the idea of a campaign hackathon, vote here and/or make this suggestion to Asgardian leadership.

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Oct 10, 17 / Oph 03, 01 14:41 UTC

So, as you told, you've been here since 3 months: we can't definitely say you had not the time to look around and to see how things are managed.

@Dahl Winters
Still my candidate page (...) languishes at Debutant level with zero votes.  Many others appear to be in the same position.

Ask yourself why that. ;-)
An hint: it doesn't seem to me it's 'cause of your (1)...(4) points written above.
By the way: point (4) seems contraddicting the previous ones and, as far as I can see (as I'm around here since october 2016), the "fault" stays into the assumption that "Asgardia is a meritocracy": Asgardia is a kingdom, with a self-entitled "king" (the Head of the Nation), which nominated his own company's board of directors into all the government's key positions... in which way that can be seen as "a meritocracy" I've really no idea at all.
The only reasons I'm writing you these considerations is, from your LinkedIn profile, my feeling is you're a serious person (it can be seen just looking at your activity here) so I liked to gift you of a little different point of view than the usual "government's aligned" one, as I'm a "dissident" and a visitor, here. ;-)
You may think "the democracy is in danger". What I'm telling you is "you're not having democracy at all, with a king around": if you start thinking from that base, leaving behind the "democracy" thing, you'll may end doing something valuable into Asgardia. Valuable for who? I can't say: maybe for you only.

So, to add a little value to my previous sentences, the answer to your initial question may be: "YES, it should be done, as it seems an intelligent proposal and could bring solutions, but NO, it won't be done, as the administration will promote only fake governments by people (ref. Parliament)". I may be wrong, obviously, so let's see how it will develop. ;-)

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Oct 10, 17 / Oph 03, 01 16:35 UTC

Thank you for your thoughts Elwe Thor.  The least I can do is to propose an idea and see where it gets taken.  As you say, we'll see.

Oct 17, 17 / Oph 10, 01 18:57 UTC

Dear Dahl,
I like your ideas. But it seems you have to be made aware of three facts:
– First, as a "Debutant" level candidate, you can only receive votes from people who actually live in your locality or 200 miles around it. That, alone, could explain why so far you haven't received any vote! If I wanted to vote for you, I would not be able to do it because of that geographical constraint established for that level (Debutant). If you want to have a chance to reach some votes, I suggest you raise your goal to the "Strategist" level that unlocks that geographical requirement BUT, in order for it to be successful, it necessitates to gather the trust of 100 Asgardians through their votes.
If you still wish to stay at the Debutant level, you need to find a way to either gather around your real-life friends (fellow students, family, friends) and bring them to sign up for an account and convince them that you are the best candidate to vote for in your area.
Otherwise, climb a bit higher for Strategist to reach out 100 votes from Asgardians around the world!

– Second point, yes, the platform we candidates have been given to promote ourselves is small, narrow (with an ugly unreadable font!), with no way to easily promote ourselves resulting in difficulties to reach out... And yes again, your candidate profile is very rich of ideas which makes it maybe "too much information" all given at once. My suggestion would be for example to edit it and make different posts in separate blog posts and link to them in your main campaign opening statement page. That's what I personally plan to do, if time allows...

– Third point, well, you surely have your place with your ideas (I suggest you develop them further!) in the projected Government. At this point, it is not clear yet when the current elections will end; when the Parliament elections will start; if the two elections will be related; etc.
One thing is clear though, paragraph 33, alinea 3 of the Constitution of Asgardia states that only people over 40 years of age can be elected to the Parliament. So, you might make it to the position of Debutant, even to the position of Strategist or even Trendsetter, but you will not be able to make it to the Parliament or to a higher key position according to the current Constitution.
This age discrimination isn't fair. I'm fighting to change that in my own campaign as a Trendsetter ( and on my campaign page I encourage you to read my comments as to which solutions I offer were I to be elected to the Parliament.

These are just some elements to consider.

At this time and point of the development of Asgardia, your hackathon idea, however good it might be, will unfortunately not be considered unless you make it gather 1000 votes in 60 days as a petition ( And remember that even if it were to get these 1000 votes (a miracle in itself!), it would just mean that the petition would be brought to the eyes of the Parliament. So, you'll have to wait for the Parliament to be elected for your proposal to be just considered... Alternatively, you could decide to address your petition to the Head of our Nation himself and then you may have a chance to see it implemented, again provided it gets 1000 votes within 60 days.
So, I'm sorry, but we seem to be all pretty much stuck with these rules until next year, when a seating Parliament will then be able to start working on changing things around to make them fair to all...

The good news though: we're all in the same boat! So, let's paddle together towards the shore of this new Nation!

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Oct 19, 17 / Oph 12, 01 15:55 UTC

Very nice analysis, Ivan, don't you have the feeling that, the same as for Petitions, things like these have been placed into the Constitution to have it voted only but have been made for nearly no real use at all?

Oct 21, 17 / Oph 14, 01 02:29 UTC

Ivan, thanks for the helpful insights on the voting process.  Yes, I was unaware of the geographic restrictions for Debutant vs. Strategist voting and thought we were able to vote across borders.  

I do indeed find myself with many ideas I think will be fruitful for Asgardia.  I am both a scientist and engineer in several fields of expertise; ideas just come naturally and I spend much of my time working to develop those out.  

Unfortunately oftentimes the most creative and productive among us may not be the most social due to time constraints and the burden of always trying to communicate hefty ideas.  Thus I highly suspect I will not be able to find 100 friends to vote for me in time.  Also there are not even 100 Asgardians in my local area (Evergreen, CO) who could vote even if I did reach out more.  Thus it looks like my prospects at a successful campaign are fairly small given your new information.

It is fine; I've spent most of my career actively engaged in bringing my ideas to fruition regardless of how much support I'm able to get from my community.  Also every organization has its rules; as you mentioned I won't be able to join Parliament until 4 years from now as the rule currently stands.  However, I strongly believe in the ideals that Asgardia represents and I still want to help where I can, and will.  I take opportunities when they present themselves and where doors are closed to me I find other doors that are open.  

There are many ways in which we can all help Asgardia reach its goals.  The obvious way is through leadership positions but there are also many volunteer needs.  I have looked into joining Civic.Asgardia as a research specialist and I am also working on some potentially useful software I plan to donate to Asgardia once complete.  I now believe that these latter areas are probably the way to go for me as these are wide open doors.  

Thanks again for your insights and best of luck on your Trendsetter campaign!

Oct 24, 17 / Oph 17, 01 12:25 UTC

Still thinking you're wasting your time, Dahl, but respecting your choices, as usual. When you'll think you had enough, just contact me at the address you'll find here if you'll like to do something productive. ;-)
Not that surprisingly, as you told, "the most creative and productive among us may not be the most social due to time constraints"... and vice versa. ;-)))

Oct 25, 17 / Oph 18, 01 01:59 UTC

Thank you Elwe, yes we all have our own choices to make, that's a good thing about having free will.  I'm actually staying fairly productive both within and outside Asgardia; at the moment I am too busy to use that address you offered but I appreciate the invitation.

Oct 29, 17 / Oph 22, 01 20:18 UTC

I agree fulheartedly (well maybe not about your debutante having no votes, debutante to me seems mute, which is why I started as strategist)

There are some major design flaws with the website as a whole, and the voting process too, I'd like to see whats under the hood here, I'm sure we'd all be horrified.

I think the first hackathon should be before the Parliamentary elections and it should be based around building a voting platform.  I propose that any skilled back-end developers dedicate a month to building a voting platform (I further propose visual design to be removed, text/input only) and then for the event we have anyone with hacking skills try to corrupt them.

I think the hackathon should be open to all too, not only Asgardians.  If any of the (teams?) manage to build a secure platform it would have many applications worldwide and be a true resource to contribute to worldly nations.

can you edit your initial statement Dahl? I think it hinders the poll.

Oct 30, 17 / Oph 23, 01 06:19 UTC