Dear Asgardians,

as the candidate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs I would like to write short what is Liberalism and Realism in international relations and why Asgardia needs liberalism.

International relations is the study of the interactions between nations, international organisations, and multinational corporations. There are two traditional approaches used by international-relations scholars—realism and liberalism. Realism emphasizes the danger of the international system, where war is always a possibility and the only source of order is the balance of power. Liberalism is more idealistic and hopeful, emphasizing the problem-solving abilities of international institutions such as the United Nations, NATO, and the World Trade Organization. According to many scholars, after the Soviet Union dissolved and the Cold War ended in 1991, the balance of opinion briefly shifted in favor of liberalism, but realists were quick to point to the potential for future international conflicts.

As you can see nowadays liberalism is the peaceful way to build international relations. I like to say it so: we don't have to be nor on the west or east block. That means we can build our diplomacy this way to build friendship with west and east block countries (most of the world) and that will be my policy.

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