Aug 23, 18 / Lib 11, 02 10:51 UTC


📚 [Civilian initiative] 📚

Hello dear fellows, we are looking for Asgardian educators and professionals who are related to the education system to participate in the conference planned for the 29/30/31 of August 2018. 

Last day for submitting your proposals will be 27 August 2018. 

The aim of this meeting will be to :
- Discuss the possibilities and needs of Asgardia in educational resources.
- Discuss the strategic educational choices for Asgardia.
- Summarize all the suggestions in a report that will be presented to the competent authorities in Asgardia.

Educators who want to make a presentation of their strategy or proposal are asked to send a brief description by e-mail to : (please add "Conference" as Object of the e-mail). 

Participation in this conference is FREE but registration is needed. 

All interested Asgardians will be invited later to join.

*Tag someone you think he might be interested :)

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Aug 24, 18 / Lib 12, 02 07:00 UTC


Can you please clarify the format for the presentation and type of files which can be sent (pdf, txt, doc?)

And what about word limits?

Aug 24, 18 / Lib 12, 02 11:13 UTC

Hi Archamon, Sure

You will need to prepare a thesis of your suggestion of about 600-800 words, share it on your profile and in the same time send it to our e-mail address : 

Your presentation can be in a text format or slides. 

You will receive then information about registration.