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Feb 20, 19 / Pis 23, 03 23:49 UTC

The Three Most Important Things Asgardia Needs to do Next.  

** This is just my opinion. I am not an expert and don't have expert advice for what Asgardia should do, this is simply my opinion

** I'm excluding bank and currency as those issues are suppose to be addressed this year. 

1. True Asgardia Media. 

     Asgardia currently has only a portion of the website dedicated to a media page. This is good and all for right now, but as we continue to grow, we need to radically change this. The current media has some original content, but it is mostly contains stories done by other media networks. We need to have a full fledged Asgardia media service. This would consist of:

   a). Online website that has live details about space news and Asgardia. The stories will be developed and written by professional writers who work for the National Asgardia News. (NAN). For non-Asgardians, they will either have a monthly subscription cost to receive the content or ads which will generate revenue for Asgardia. 

b). They will also have a second online website news outlet which would focus on Asgardia politics and events happening on Earth. They too will have professional writers and will have original content. It would be the National Asgardia Earth News (NAEN). It too can have either a small monthly subscription or ads for non-Asgardians. 

c). News channel on television. This would consist of information from both NAN and NAEN and more. It would have interviews and every other product  usually provided by televised media. This would bring in the most money, as we would have the paid ads between segments. We would have professional anchors and will provide a high quality service to all Asgardians and non-Asgardians, which will provide an additional way to expose Asgardia to the general populous. 

2.  Additional Income Sources

If we ever wish to accomplish our goals to becoming a true fledged space nation, we will need to substantially increase our income. This years budget is 10 million euros. Now I know that we are small still, but it will cost billions if not trillion(s) to construct the satellite infrastructure. I am excluding from the methods Asgardian businesses as I feel we are already doing that by getting the economy set up. 

a). I feel individual communities of Asgardian with similar interests can raise lots of money by creating Asgardian ran programs which will be either a nonprofit organization funded partly or fully by the Asgardia government and would eventually be self-sustaining.I had talked about this more on my Forum post here (this got into details about one example which I am passionate about pursuing, but, there are infinite other things that people can start up.) These programs would be incentives for people to become an Asgardian and would help the world and local communities, give jobs (hobby jobs to full time jobs) to Asgardians, and help Asgardia speed up growth).  

b). Regional communities of Asgardians can do a monthly to yearly (however much they can/want to do) fundraisers for Asgardia. Say a group of Asgardians in a region want to have a stand at a farmers market.(This is only an example, there are hundreds of other things communities could do besides a Farmers Market). Let's say there are 30 Asgardians. One has a lot of land and allows 2 acres (0.81 hectors) of land to be used to grow vegetables. They then all pitch in 1-5 hours a week and grow crops and sell at the farmers market. This would then produce locally grown produce which would be beneficial to the environment,  give additional publicity to Asgardia, have Asgardia citizens be able to help this wonderful nation, and create a bond between fellow Asgardians. lets say they go to the farmers market throughout the entire season. They could end up making thousands of dollars. If just a few dozen communities around the world do these community projects, they could raise hundreds of thousands of dollars or more a year. The government could then give some form of an award to all the members who contribute their time and effort to such projects. 

c). Reopen the donations. So I'm not exactly sure why they closed donations. I know the legal reasoning (Decree 25), and it was around the time that the 100 euro citizenship fee was implemented. But if it was due to the citizenship fee, that still doesn't make a lot of sense. I joined after the fee was implemented so perhaps I missed something, but some of us can afford to pay extra money (and since I am not 18, I can't pay the fee, so I am irritated as I can't help contribute to Asgardia). Though it doesn't bring in a lot of money, several thousand a year is likely.

d). Have a National Shop. Items it could include:

     1. Flag and coat of arm (I have really been wanting to buy a flag) ** This would also give free publicity

     2. Physical copies of the constitution and a book about the creation of Asgardia

     3. Other merchandise things like shirts, hats, calendar (We have an app, but it would also be helpful to have a physical calendar in the house as well with the Asgardia year), etc. 

     4. Gold and Silver coins with the Asgardia Flag, coat of arm, leaders, and other national symbols. 

3.  Professional Plans drawn up with costs and time frames for starting Asgardia's missions in space. We are told the key things that Asgardia wants to accomplish, but there isn't really a time frame and price range written out in detail. It would be good to have an updated blueprint of our goals with deadlines and steps to accomplish the task to keep Asgardians motivated and reassure us that our goals are still going to happen. 

To me, those are the three most important things at this time. Though there are hundreds, if not thousands of things that need to be done, I think those would arguably be the most important. I think with these three things proceeded with, we would inch closer to being recognized by the UN. as a nation. 

Sep 5, 19 / Lib 24, 03 02:35 UTC

Kyler, you touch on fantastic points all. Asgardia definitely needs more income and we need to brainstorm on those ventures. I would also love to get a bunch of Asgardian gear (flag, shirt, stickers, coat of arms banner, and so on), as we can not only have it to be proud of our space nation, but to also pass around and spread interest.

Social media is a great word-of-mouth, I've piqued the curiosity of a few friends by posting about Agardia, but I think we need to do more.