Aug 29, 18 / Lib 17, 02 04:49 UTC

Govs/banks going after Bitcoins and crypto  

I knew that they would do it sooner or later.

Now what will happen? Well it will take more time for the hole system to get back on it's feet.

You won't see a Bitcoin at 20k before a long time. Trust me on this one and if you think 6.3k is bad, you ain't seen nothing YET!

WE WILL find solutions. We have been controlled for more than 90 years by the various govs/banks.

The more we send them, the worst it gets!

An alternative way for people to evolve in life is a must!

Don't know if i'm allowed to say this in here but FUCK THEM! Angry

The good news is, it will not die!

Aug 29, 18 / Lib 17, 02 15:14 UTC

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