Blockchain may not be a sexy concept, but it seems to be at the core of the 21st-century infrastructure. Along with artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots, it will be responsible for many facets of our daily lives.   

For today's theme let's take a look at the obstacles and challenges blockchain faces and the way in which people are working to perfect the technology.

For example, some bullish tech prospectors believe that blockchain technology has the power to transform the entire food industry by increasing efficiency, transparency and collaboration. They say that a consumer could be able to trace the source of their lettuce in mere seconds, a shipper could see if a truck is full before scheduling a delivery, while the grocery store could verify if a carton of eggs is actually cage-free. 

However, when it comes to transforming the food industry blockchain alone might not be the best answer. But, this technology starts to reach its full potential when it’s used in combination with other technologies and systems. For example, blockchain can be implemented for food traceability, while producers put other systems into places such as enhanced water testing mechanisms or increasing buffer zones between leafy green growers and livestock operations.

Do you think blockchain is the way of the future? Why? If, not what other technologies could improve our lives in conjunction with blockchain?

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