Aug 1, 17 / Vir 17, 01 13:15 UTC

How To Process Space Junk  

Yep, space junk can be many times the number of the earth. Whether it's from metal, or so. How to process it? If in jakarta, the garbage of the capital is usually thrown into a landfill whose name is BANTAR GEBANG. There is usually the organic processed into electricity, the bottle into bottles again, and others. Well, if space junk? That's another story. If the asgardia is really a sovereign state in space, it may make the waste a useful item. Such as kitchen utensils, medical devices, vehicles, building foundations, poles of lights, furniture that is useful to beautify the park, or so, depending on the creativity of citizens. I hope, if it really stands, can reduce the amount of space junk

Aug 2, 17 / Vir 18, 01 17:06 UTC

Seeing as space junk is fast becoming problematic to satellite operations, this is a very strong post.

Perhaps some form of orbital housekeeping drone could become a satellite project somewhere down the road.

Following with interest

Aug 5, 17 / Vir 21, 01 16:57 UTC

Yep, thanks for your comments all, hopefully it soon realized in the future, so that there is no space junk that spilled in outer space

Wibowo, Dimas Setyo