Should the single language that Asgardia strides to be someday unified under be Esperanto?

Total number of votes: 9

66.7% Yes

11.1% No, it should be another language

22.2% No, Asgardia should stay at 12 official languages forever

0% No, for a reason not listed above

Dec 24, 17 / Cap 22, 01 04:58 UTC

Nomination of Esperanto for the future official Asgardian language  

Article 27 of the constitution states that Asgardia will initially have 12 official languages, but strive to eventually only use one for the ease of communication between citizens.  I'm aware that I might not be the first person to do this, but just in case, I'd like to nominate Esperanto to be this language.  Esperanto is a constructed language which is meant to be very easy to learn when compared to other languages.  It was created with the intention of it becoming a universal language of international diplomacy to aid in the maintenance of peace between nations, although that ended up being English, a language that can be notoriously difficult for non-native speakers.  Esperanto is still a symbol of hope that someday we will see peaceful coexistence between all peoples and cultures, and I think that this makes it the perfect language for the nation of Asgardia. 

Dec 24, 17 / Cap 22, 01 07:31 UTC

How about we let the language develop on it's own. We have more importation things than something like this 

Dec 24, 17 / Cap 22, 01 20:20 UTC

++ to Johnathan - languages mix and develop with time.

Dec 25, 17 / Cap 23, 01 04:18 UTC

No, it would destroy diversity, a prime value of Asgardia.