Oct 10, 17 / Oph 03, 01 12:44 UTC

Organize a campaign "hackathon" for leadership candidates to show what they can do for Asgardia  

I've posted the rationale for this under another post: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/campaigning-157/topic/no-votes-a-tip-organize-a-campaign-hackathon-to-promote-ourselves-by-advancing-asgardian-goals-in-a-meritocratic-manner-7809/. Please check there for further information and what action is requested.

Oct 10, 17 / Oph 03, 01 18:26 UTC

Let me just lock the post in order to prevent comments here and redirect the "traffic" to the link you already put. For the rest you're doing great, you already prevented the double post by redirecting yourself to the main one