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What is Chapter?  

Hi everyone!

I see Chapter Advocates on the forum and do not understand nor what is Chapter neither what is Chapter Advocate. Would anyone be so kind to explain me in the simplest words: 1) what is Chapter and 2) what is Chapter Advocate?

Thank you.

Feb 4, 17 / Pis 07, 01 22:27 UTC

Originally starting life as division in lengthy pages of text - such as book - it soon became to be used as a description for general sectioning, particularly in religous sects and cults.

I'd postulate in this instance it's some sort of divisional sectioning - quite what these divisions are, or why they should require to exist in the first place is a mystery to me at least. Advocate is as the word implies, someone who argues for or supports a cause - in this case, the unspecified chapter. I think it might actually be part of some unpublished heiracheal system.

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 06:01 UTC

EyeR, thanks for your reply. I also think that it is unpublished hierarchy using unpublished terminology.

The best answer on my questions from the forum stuff, from my point of view, would be just direct link to corresponding definitions, which are written already and are available at list for Asgardians.

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Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 06:05 UTC

Jason Rainbow (Global Admin), thank you for your reply. What is the term "Chapter" for if there is quite clear term "national group" which is familiar for everyone? And why it is not explained publicly already?

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Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 06:31 UTC

Hello Yurly, Nice to meet you here. The term Chapter is commonly used to designate a branch of a larger organisation or club, you are correct that "national group" may also have been acceptable. Here is an excerpt from the FAQ section of the forum, it is a brief explanation of the name tags user groups. I hope this answers your questions.

Q: What do the Name Tags / User Groups mean? A: Members who use our forum are divided into groups which help determine their levels of access. Some members can freely post while others can move the posts of others or may even ban users. Some common tags are:

Asgardians are members who have verified their accounts and are logged (into the system. These members cannot moderate forums, delete posts, or create announcements.

Chapter Advocates / Chapter Mods are staff who organize national, division, or city chapters of Asgardia. These people can moderate forums, edit certain posts, and modify announcements.

Global Admins / Global Mods are staff who can manage discussions in any forum on the board. These people can moderate forums, edit certain posts, and modify announcements across the board.

Interest Admins / Interest Mods are staff members who manage discussions in the interest forums. These people can moderate forums, edit certain posts, and modify announcements.

Translators are members who volunteer their services to help translate documents and material for Asgardia. They have access to special staff forums to help with their work.

Feb 6, 17 / Pis 09, 01 08:31 UTC

Thank you for your answer, shanewatt. Yes, I didnt read the forum FAQ,

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Feb 6, 17 / Pis 09, 01 08:59 UTC

but even more sorry is that JasonRainbow (GlobalAdmin) are not able to respond adequately to my simple question (the topic). This is not unique inadequate reaction of GlobalAdminJasonRainbow on very simple things even according to my very short experince of the forum. Look here how JasonRainbow (GlobalAdmin) meet me on the forum, react on my first post on it. I just could not download certificate in PDF format https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/asgardia-news-9/topic/asgardia-certificates-2079/?page=5

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Feb 7, 17 / Pis 10, 01 01:16 UTC

@Yuriy If I may respond with my personal perspective. I appreciate that your initial question may not have been resolved completely however I'm sure it was simply a miss on the part of the moderation team as sometimes the forums prove to be a rather large job to moderate and some things get overlooked. I have been volunteering with Jason for around a month now, he works very hard to resolve issues on both the forums and the official Facebook group, replies to many messages and trains and advises new moderators and it seems rare when he is not actively online. Perhaps we can start fresh, I'm sure over time you will find him a dedicated and competent member of the team as I have.

Feb 8, 17 / Pis 11, 01 14:24 UTC

Thanks for your reply shanewatt (Asgardian, Global Mod). Excuse me, but your description of hard work of JasonRainbow (GlobalAdmin) in the name of Asgardia shows me only that you are dedicated volunteer of his team. It is very good because Asgardia needs strong supportive stuff of the forum.

How I consider his work not in the name of Asgardia, but in relation personaly to me I explained already.

Feb 8, 17 / Pis 11, 01 14:26 UTC

JasonRainbow (GlobalAdmin), I do not exept your apology. Your reference to Oxford English Dictionary make situation worse. It is still not clear for me what for to use Northen American term “Chapter” instead of usual one “national group”?

What groups the forum staff or Asgardia officials plan to add to national ones in the future?

If it will not be done, I see no reasons in the Northen American term “Chapter” at all, the term “national groups” is quite enough.

Feb 8, 17 / Pis 11, 01 17:56 UTC

Let’s look in Wikipedia article about International Red Cross, there is no the word “Chapter” at all, IRS is naturally divided into National Societies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/InternationalRedCrossandRedCrescentMovement

American Red Cross do has chapters https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AmericanRedCross http://www.redcross.org/find-your-local-chapter

The difference is completely in accord with Oxford English Dictionary: “chapter” is Northen American term. It is clear that it means smaller sudivisions.

“As we are all Asgardians and part of the Asgardian concept is unity, it was seen as a bad idea to define groups based upon nationality heritage.”

People come to Asgardia from different countries and nobody considers “national groups” as groups defined by nationality (ethnicity). There seems to be no doubt that absolute majority of asgardians will continue to live in their countries, do not give up their citizenship in the name of Asgardia. Your reasoning of the Northen American term “Chapter” to give up national heritage seems to me as artificial, it looks like playing with words. Just because as soon as one inquires what Chapter the Advocate is for, one immediately reminds nations, different countries.

Is your reasoning of the Northen American term “Chapter” to forget nationality heritage the only one?

I think that the Northen American term “Chapter” is reserved for other type groups which may become powerful in Asgardia after some time, isn’t it?

And one more question, JasonRainbow (GlobalAdmin). When you call me Yuliya responding to my first message on the forum, it was an expression of your understanding of asgardians unity? In such a manner you forget your nationality heritage?

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Feb 12, 17 / Pis 15, 01 11:27 UTC

JasonRainbow (Global Admin), thank you, your reply is even more interesting than I expected. It deserves special topic https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/feedback-11/topic/jasonrainbow-global-admin-case-study-2708/

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Feb 12, 17 / Pis 15, 01 15:45 UTC

My conclusions from these two topics.

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Feb 13, 17 / Pis 16, 01 06:24 UTC

  1. “National groups” is bed idea, excellent one is Chapter №1, Chapter №2,…, Chapter №457 and etc.

  2. Names are not important also, don’t mind if GlobalAdmin makes something stange with your name or someone else. What is name on forums? Nothing, just some set of symbols.

  3. If you try to understand how is this possible you will receive reaction from women as in the second topic.

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