Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 17:47 UTC

What is your Captcha?  

Now that we have to enter a Captcha for every message, some of those I have had have been rather amusing. I think it'd be a fun little aside to share either the Captcha you have at the bottom of your message, or a funny one you have witnessed, or an ironic one.

The Captcha for this message is HYA... which in my mind means "Hiya!" or a martial arts cry of "HYA!"

I have also had, in the past, "NEW" when I was starting a new topic, which I found ironic.

Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 17:50 UTC

sex, sxc, nob - and that's just today.

Having only three "slots" and only 26 letters potential per slot, there's not many combinations possible, legitimate words and "almost words" are going to be reasonably common. Over a long enough timeline, seeing them all isn't impossible.

Mar 29, 17 / Tau 04, 01 05:36 UTC

TOZ whatever that means... hehe

Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 07:00 UTC

rly got SSD , HDD , FKK , HAH, WTH x') But actually nothing that amusing tbh Current one is FCQ

May 12, 17 / Gem 20, 01 16:17 UTC

tbh I received... TBH. X-D
but, as I'm not, the captcha was another one. ;-)))


Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 04:26 UTC

Let's see what my captcha is... Ahh It's AGG. I guess I just got hurt or something? Haha