Sep 7, 18 / Lib 26, 02 20:13 UTC

Abolition of money and criptomoney  

I would like to discuss the feasibility, pros and cons of a system without money in any form. 

I dont have a solid opinion and would like to hear your thoughts. 

The model i'm thinking is from star trek.

Let's start the debate

Sep 8, 18 / Lib 27, 02 02:36 UTC

I'm not a fan of capitalism, but the Star trek model works because of the high level of technology available...

In a system without money the question is what motivates people to work, no doubt leadership positions, or research jobs etc will be easily filled some people love teaching, cooking, etc etc but many jobs are completely not attractive, how would we make sure those get done? If you can automate all of those I foresee no problems but while we are not there yet I think motivation might be a mayor issue...

Can't remember any Star trek episode where you see people cleaning toilets, collecting garbage, working production lines. My guess is most of those jobs are done now only because people need money to get by.

Sep 8, 18 / Lib 27, 02 05:33 UTC

 Well as much as I like Star Trek and that society did come to mind, I guess we have to pretend machines did most of the work, while daily chores , washing dishes, mopping floors, cleaning a toilet, someone has to put the soap in the machine so it can clean.  there has to be people to make the machines to do the work that people do not want to do, less you want to talk about advanced self replicating machines that have the A.I, to create new machines to advance society. 

People in Star Trek were still building things like the ships,,, phaser weapons, weapons in general, and the advancements were only with in The Federation outside the federation were still advance societies but cut throat ones, ones that still had poverty and etc.

I am  a fan of capitalism, but not crony capitalism and there is a difference.  I for every semi quasi  socalist, marxist, whatever society that sort of works or works to a degree, there is still a lot more negatives than positives, where as with capitalism, there is at least the chance to always do better and do so freely.

The thing with doing away currency is it is rather a misnomer, Currency is what ever you want it to be. 

In prison, commodities like junk food, smokes, drugs, booze, all become currency.  Same concept in an apocalypse  situation or natural disaster, food , water, and supplies become currency. 

 Bit coin, is an imaginary currency that society has given legitamacy to. It can disapear just as fast as it was created.  An when one currency system fails, another will be created.

Sep 8, 18 / Lib 27, 02 15:09 UTC

I also want to believe a world without money is getting closer and closer - maybe restricted to our nation as a start!

For your information this has been discussed at length in this previous topic - many detailed points of view there, very interesting read!