Dec 6, 18 / Cap 04, 02 16:10 UTC

About Identity Numbers  

I would like to inform the people of the respectable Asgardia Space Nation in relation to a subject. Do not share the certificate number received after the constitutional vote in social media and other areas. And do not share your digital ID number after paying the citizenship fee. Such well-intentioned shares may cause confusion in the future. Therefore, please do not disclose your identification number.

Member of Parliament / Citizenship Committee

Uğur Aydın

Dec 6, 18 / Cap 04, 02 21:45 UTC

Thank you Ugur.

Dec 7, 18 / Cap 05, 02 07:15 UTC

Dear Dirk...

I'm trying to update my content according to your feedback.

Best Regards.

Dec 22, 18 / Cap 20, 02 01:44 UTC

Is that after we pay for out citizenship ? or before ?

Dec 23, 18 / Cap 21, 02 10:57 UTC

Dear Matek   

   You will be given a special certificate and number when you register for the system and confirm the constitution. You will receive this number just before the nationality fee. 

   If you pay the citizenship fee, you can see your digital ID card in the section where the profile icon is located.

   This special citizenship number will be required in any service or privileged service you will receive in the future. Therefore please do not share your numbers on these pages or on social media.

Best Regards.

Jan 17, 19 / Aqu 17, 03 12:06 UTC

Hello to everyone,

I have seen many times that the citizenship numbers are shared on social networks and we get feedback on this issue even today. I think it's worth mentioning again. These citizenship numbers are very specific and will allow you to do many things in the future. Therefore, please do not share these numbers in any social or public areas. google translate..

Best Regards,

Member of Parliament / Citizenship Committee

Jan 18, 19 / Aqu 18, 03 04:08 UTC

sharing citizenship numbers is the least of concern, if anyone was serious about Asgardia, they would first take notice that this Beta website is half past dead, the forum is hit constantly with a spammer, The Jacked Up citizenship fee is a debacle , there are ZERO Asgardian Products being sold, that can easily be made on a number of websites and sold to make an easy starting income for Asgardia, the voting system is a joke that is not able to be verified nor is it transparent.  An Now we have classifications of Asgardians that range from Citizen, to suspended, to golden 100k.  Asgardia is becoming an Mishmash of confusion left and right. With nothing tangible happening nor beneficial to anyone.

Feb 2, 19 / Pis 05, 03 21:27 UTC

Тот кто скептически относится к событиям реального времени, тот будит скептиком всю свою жизнь даже когда он попадёт в эту реальность, а про индифицированные номера сказано правильно, это ваши данные и деньги в будущем. Не забывайте про хакеров.