May 6, 19 / Gem 14, 03 22:13 UTC

Asgardia needs fixing  

There has to be a real adjustment to the way Asgardia is being run, if it doesn't wana tank and go the way of the Mars One Project.

The fees and this nonsense about 1000.00 for some certificate or buying stock has to go. It doesn't work. If anyone is paying, it isn't enough money coming in to fund any promise of a future that Asgardia was intended to be.

* Buying stock is intended as being something done for companies. Not Nations or Kingdoms.  There has to be differentiation between terminology in fees, and taxes. There can not be any taxation in any form, with out JOB CREATION AND IMPLEMENTATION.  If one wants to charge a membership fee. Then do just that.

*  There has to be a double pronged approach for creating income, one there should be a project set aside to gain real investors, NOT members or supporters, who are barely getting by in life and have to pay real taxes to the real government they pay it to that will toss them in jail if they dont pay. By creating a real product to invest in, it in turn creates an income Asgardia can use to then transfer into Asgardian Currency, which in turn can be used to pay Asgardian employees , ONCE Asgardian JOBS are created, An then Asgardian Taxes can be imposed and paid via Asgardian Currency.   Something worth creating to invest in, would be a new Internet Service Provider, by Asgardia, with an email service that can be charged, and with that charge, would be an email system that doesn't get flooded with spam ( there are companies out there like this already ) .  I.S.P companies are constantly screwing with customers by slowing internet speeds or blocking content, Asgardia could rise above that nonsense easily.

* IF an I.S.P isn't something that floats anyones boat, there are tons of Ideas here an else where, that can advance Asgardia, and be pitched as something to invest in to REAL investors. Though that requires a business plan, by someone with a business degree who understands how to create and market such an idea. It would have to be practical and achievable with in a year. 

Promising bragging rights is nonsense an should never be mentioned again. If anything by using terminology as Membership Fee, one thing that could be offered very easily for ones fee, is a permanent annotation via a permanent page, honoring those who actually contributed hard earned money in the form of a membership fee, that then would be something for posterity , something tangible that says, look, I believe in Asgardia here is the proof. An it at least offers a tiny something to those who wanted Asgardia to work.

* By the looks of threads of the past, A lot of members were not happy with parts of the laws that were created. Asgardia needs a rewriting of these rules. 2 years and not getting things right, doesn't mean to sit there and go, oh well that is the way it is. All hail the king.  If it were serious. Someone would take notice of what has been said in regards to complaints of the laws in place. An then create a survey, a poll, and or, ask for open ended feedback, that in turn these mayors and parliament members can look at ,  and then work off of. To correct said concerns.

* These postings of space and science news articles is misleading  on this website and should stop. It gives the impression that this is Asgardia related, and none of it is. The only thing Asgardia has done, is acquire and get into low earth orbit a cube sat. An the excitement from that accomplishment is over. The only news related items on this website should be actual Asgardia news , not related news links or articles from other sources an then posted here .

*There has been beyond good sound projects suggested to be done by Asgardia, all of which will never happen for a few reasons, mainly, our ideas are evidently not meshing with Igors plan. This is not our play ground but Igors, it is his money , his investment, so it is his game. It will take independent people with the money, to invest into projects they want to see take place, and then slap the name of Asgardia on it, and to use the name and images of Asgardia is going to cost more money, unless it is approved by Igor to do so for free. Which it should be free considering the idea is to do something with ones own money.

I do not see Asgardia lasting 10 years from this date. I suspect it will fade away when Igor passes on. I doubt there is any verbage or law that states what happens when Igor passes on, who takes his place. More over who legally takes his place in the eyes of what ever part of the United Nations that recognizes Asgardia.

Asgardia had potential, and then it got smashed to pieces with fees and taxes. An bad idea after bad idea being implemented  left and right. There was zero transparency in the voting process on any level, the competitions to make a flag and anthem seemed to me to be very fake, and computer generated . Both of which should of been recorded with hand drawn images which then were digitalized and music composed first before being auto tuned and pieced together on a computer program, both could of been posted in a file of sort that could of been viewed by any one to see the beginning to end creation process.

A three year progress plan of sorts needs to be created and implemented. Ranging from creating I. Ds that are easily attainable, job creation, an a plethora of other things that could be tossed in, on top of actual goals to get physically into space. Be it putting an Asgardian Rover on Mars that can do anything and not be mucked with by N.A.S.A . Or putting one on the Dark Side of the Moon, to creating a time capsule / probe an shooting it off to the next star system.

Instead, it is all just games, and posturing , everything being done by those at the top of Asgardia comes off of as dishonest. An periodically we get some sort of official that pops in to try an quell complaints, to pass them off as rumors, and then never to be heard from again.  IF nothing is going to be done in space in the next 10 years, let alone the next three, then change the name from Space Nation, to the Internet Nation. At least that would be honest an accurate. 

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May 17, 19 / Gem 25, 03 02:45 UTC

 Well, evidently all it takes to start a new society is an internet website, and a cube sat.

May 18, 19 / Gem 26, 03 11:43 UTC

Yes it definitely needs fixing

May 25, 19 / Can 05, 03 02:51 UTC

Anyone want to chime in on what they want to see fixed ? Don't be shy, it doesn't just have to be the cryo and GLC thread.

Jun 1, 19 / Can 12, 03 00:19 UTC

How about a roadmap of the next few years? Would be a start. 

Jun 3, 19 / Can 14, 03 21:30 UTC

yup a roadmap would be an excellent start. 

*2020~ address and fix complaints related to Asgardian Constitution

~ address and fix complaints regarding fees and citizenship

~ create an Asgardian license or I.D. card that can be purchased online or issued ,  discuss if I.D card would have an option to be able to download information on it pertaining to Asgardia , IE join date, validation of payment of fees, etc, with a link to some where online that can be managed by user.

~ Address what happens after Igor dies.

~ create a tangible timeline for creating jobs

~ do anything that shows Asgardia isn't just fluffing up a website and having fundraising meetings and milking people out of their money.

Jun 5, 19 / Can 16, 03 18:36 UTC

Kind of pointless to rehash the Asgardia name, I'd rather see an internet nation. or a digital nation.  Settling in space, is too dangerous just out of radiation alone, and just isn't practical at this point in time. Nor profitable. Would of been interesting to see some company partner up to make some kind of seed ship, that could sustain generations of humans to the nearest star system to its' earth like planet an settle there.  Instead of pissing around debating about settling on dead Mars, or some space station above Earth.  

It would be nice to see Igor fix this pile of crap he created to stroke his own ego.

Jun 6, 19 / Can 17, 03 02:20 UTC

Crossing the ocean wasn't profitable at first  It was a dangerous proposition also  As for fixes  it takes time and is slow but it is happening 

Jun 6, 19 / Can 17, 03 04:32 UTC

Except crossing the ocean had a reason and was obtainable, crossing the ocean wasn't a half baked idea by a person who made a ship, barely staffed it, then sent it out on the ocean to sink plus one was able live off the ocean by fishing if it came down to it there is zero ways to live off anything in space with out a ton of resources and some kind of eco platform that is shielded for animals and plants.  In fact, living on the ocean is a more practical idea than in space, let alone hoping Asgardia some how pulls its bs act together. An fixes are not happening at all. All that is happening is more pandering , empty promises, and then a big nothing. This pretend constitution is a mess. An exactly why does a " Country " need a constitution, when Igor as lord supreme can just nix anything he wants for any reason he wants. It is his ball in his court.

It would make more sense to either create a water world, or terra form the moon, or make an under water habital zone, than it does to just go whacking away in space.

Heck Asgardia doesn't even have a blue print up for a hypothetical space station.  how about one, just one member of " Parliament " take a blank piece of paper, and just sketch a space station, write on it "  rough draft for space station " and then scan it and post it on this website, an he or she can then pretend that there is at least a rough draft in place.  Shouldn't take more than half an hour to do. Heck I'll settle for  a square drawn on a piece of paper, separated into four sections, each one labeled something different, write on it, Asgardian space station, an pretend it is a rough draft, that should take all of 5 seconds for someone in the Asgardia system to do.

Jun 7, 19 / Can 18, 03 11:09 UTC

Yeah, there would be no point in starting a new site, even though not much is happening here at the moment there is the small potential for something at least. 

A handful of people getting together and attempting to create something that has struggled to get off the ground with a fair amount 'professionals' isn't going to work. We are stuck at square 2 here, we would be stuck at square 1 there, a nice idea though. 

Maybe Ricky is right, these things take a lot of time. Maybe they are just setting a solid foundation before exploding into the mainstream, who knows. 

GLC, I share a lot of your views on this, but I think we all ought to try and be a little more positive towards it. If we looked at the ocean 'X' amount of years ago and thought "yeah, no chance are we crossing that" we wouldn't be here today. I know it's not the same thing but its a similar ambition. 

Yes, at the moment this is looking like a joke, but as long as I haven't paid anything I'm being hopeful for free. 

A roadmap would be a great start, followed by the release of the cryptocurrency. They would stand a bigger chance of gaining investors if they were involved in digital assets.

I mean look at the Doge coin, that was created as a joke to tip redditers for good content and now has a market capitalization of millions. The coin is about as much use as tits on a fish. 

Even if you base the SOLAR on the basic vision of Asgardia, it sounds like a more plausible investment than most of the cryptos today.

IMO cryptos are about to explode soon, so get your SOLAR released and stop messing around asking for an investment on an idea whilst wearing a goofy hat. 

Imagine going to a digital asset expo or a space-orientated expo and pitching your vision along with a crypto, people would lap it up! 

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Jun 8, 19 / Can 19, 03 22:48 UTC

Cryptos have been predicted to " Explode " since they were first invented, they are as much of a scheme as Asgardia has become. I am not giving Asgardia any patience what so ever. Just because some people can be fooled into an idea, doesn't make it a good idea.

Asgardia was but a blip in the news, it got less that 15 min of fame.  Nothing is going on. Nothing is getting fixed.   2 years of nothing, with only more , just hang in there give it more time, to do absolutely nothing, make no tangible plans, let alone give people half a clue about what is going on. all we get is, well check face book check here check there, check all over, mean while, this is supposed to be the central website.

Jun 8, 19 / Can 19, 03 23:11 UTC

Something I have never understood from those in the parliament is the enormous secrecy, but to be honest I do not see a tangible progress in asgardia, I hope to be wrong but at least in the aspect of the lot because so much waiting if making a crypto currency is as easy as anyone here can make one, the one that has a value or not already depends on supply and demand.

Jun 8, 19 / Can 19, 03 23:27 UTC

Fair, there have been predictions about crypto in the past, but I believe in the concept long term.

You say your not giving it any patience, but your still here after 2 years of nothing? You must have a slither of hope at least. 

If this is a scam, we were all fooled because we all signed up. It becomes a problem when you actually give your money away, and I'm assuming you haven't so we're all good. 

It would be nice to be updated more regularly, and I agree that the officials should spend more posting here, but from a marketing point of view social media has a much larger catchment area.

The pointless links are annoying though, it's probably just filler to reach more people and bring traffic to the page.

Asgardia simply hasn't made an awful lot of progress, apart from developing internally. It has even taken a few steps back with the introduction of fees, something needs to change. Question is, are you going to hang around and wait for it? 

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Jun 9, 19 / Can 20, 03 10:23 UTC

Hello everybody and Hi Hector,

ENG: I follow carefully what you write, our citizens should know the decisions of course. This is your most natural right. We have a digital meeting with our members of parliament and the president of parliament, Lembit Opik, one day a week. I'm a member of the citizenship committee. The citizenship committee meets once a month, the first week of that month. Mayors from different countries participate in these meetings. In order for you to get more information, the current channel of parliament was created. In this way, you can follow the functioning and the most current decisions taken. I give you the necessary link.

Best Regards

Herkese Merhaba ve Selam Hector

TUR: Yazdıklarınızı dikkatle takip ediyorum, vatandaşlarımız alınan kararları elbette bilmelidir. Bu en doğal hakkınız. Parlamento üyelerimiz ve parlamento başkanımız Lembit Opik ile beraber haftada 1 gün belirlenen saatte dijital toplantı yapıyoruz. Ben vatandaşlık komitesinin bir üyesiyim. Vatandaşlık komitesi ise ayda bir defa, o ayın ilk haftası toplantı yapıyor. Bu toplantılara değişik ülkelerden belediye başkanlarımız katılıyor. Sizlerin daha fazla bilgi alabilmesi için parlemento güncel kanalı oluşturuldu. Bu sayede işleyişi ve alınan en güncel kararları takip edebilirsiniz. Size gerekli bağlantıyı veriyorum.


Jun 10, 19 / Can 21, 03 08:46 UTC

Hello everybody,

ENG: The steps we need to take will be the authentication of our citizens. Asgardia is the first space country in history to shed light on the future. And I want you to know that this verification procedure will be technically and technologically advanced.

Best Regards

TUR: Yapmamız gereken adımlar arasında siz vatandaşlarımızın kimlik doğrulaması olacaktır. Asgardia geleceğe ışık tutan tarihin ilk uzay ülkesidir. Ve bu doğrulama prosedürünün teknik ve teknolojik olarak üst düzey olacağını bilmenizi isterim.