Sep 5, 18 / Lib 24, 02 12:14 UTC

Asgardia should adopt Direct Electronic Democracy in order to eliminate need for having leaders.  

Asgardia should adopt Direct Electronic Democracy to eliminate need for leaders.

Sep 5, 18 / Lib 24, 02 12:20 UTC

We all know that time of the governments and rulers is ending. Even AI at the current state of developement would do the better choices. We need to create software that will list our issues. Everyone can be able to participate but every consensus will be evaliated later when results will be cleary visible. Then system maintained by AI will give scores to those who voted wisely. The score may increase ones infuence on next decisions. Something like voting power.

Sep 7, 18 / Lib 26, 02 19:48 UTC

Totally support this. 

Sep 11, 18 / Sco 02, 02 06:31 UTC

I do not support such idea.

Direct democracy = the rule of mob. And the mob in any nations consists of the low educated people. The mob always afraid anything new.

Just remember the hysterics around Large Hadron Collider... Give a right of choise to the mob and them will close this great scientific project.

Or just think about a time of the first vaccines... mob was angry and tried to stop work of the Louis Pasteur.

Rule should be in the hands of professionals.

AI also is the just algoritmical machine which can't do the most powerfull thing in human cogitativity - accept risk... And it is again lead us to stagnation.

Jan 15, 19 / Aqu 15, 03 09:14 UTC

Hello! Astropata, Archamon, I agree with both of you! The mobs can't make higher decisions, majority is not always right. That must be the reason why they chose to build a monarchy, not a democracy. But there is also a disconnection between representatives and represented, actual needs of the peolpe and the results offered by representatives (e.g. citizenship fee). What if we used direct democracy to vote for goals, ideas, plans? In that way we could show our community our ideas and concerns and how many of us support them or not, and give politicians the correct tools to represent us properly. After all we can elect mayors.

Jan 16, 19 / Aqu 16, 03 15:59 UTC

Archamon understands what a democracy is, or as he states it, a direct democracy.

Something here that the low educated voters who are the new generation and democrats, do not understand when, they hold their fists up in the air and scream about how democracy is dying.   Or being infringed upon.

Or how the democrat party holds their noses up and swears up n down that they are defending democracy. An truth be told, those politicians are doing just that. Defending Mob Rule. Which is seen in the news time an again when you see RIOTS ( not protests ) but riots that are labeled as protests.  An when someone screams bloody murder over a minor incident, and incites others who are less educated to pressure a person or group of persons or a company into doing something that people with common sense would not give into.

Where as a republic, a society with laws, doesn't engage in mob democracy justice, but uses the courts and laws to make changes.  IF those of us who are in under ground militias ,were to play by the rules that the left engages in, they would be squashed quickly. And would really have something to scream and cry about.

As to using an Artifical Intelligence to rule. To make decisions in a logical, Star Trek kind of way, input information and bleep blip bloop, out comes the most logical answer. No thanks, the problem is Hackers. There is no 100% safe computer that can not be hacked, either by hacking the hardware at the source, or by corrupting the input or by hacking the software.  An then at times the hack can be untraceable. At least with the flawed human way we have of voting, people can be held accountable for their actions. How does a human society, hold accountable a computer program, and then what happens if life imitates art , and Skynet forms into existance.?

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Jan 16, 19 / Aqu 16, 03 20:07 UTC

I agree with the idea of Astropata

IA would be far better than the old oligarchy that governs its own interests

the time of the political class is ending and direct democracy is the best form of government through an IA system

the population could finally have a quality education and greater job opportunities through the administration of the IA system

society could have a better income distribution

providing better sidereal colonization in a sustainable way

Good idea

Feb 5, 19 / Pis 08, 03 10:24 UTC

This is a very good idea. Liquid democracy would be a great addition.

Given the stupidly high Citizen fee, the "Elites" have already decided that there can be no Mob as they have reserved Asgardia for the rich only. And yes, this will lead Asgardia to be a self serving money factory for these "Elites" (who already have a salary and expense budget with little or no oversight).

We already see that the Elites are not interested in engaging with people whom they are supposed to represent. They are in their little ivory towers doing what is right for them. Our King is showing his true colours as a self serving bureaucrat. And his little band of misfits are simply going along for the ride.... Please note that you actually cannot reach these people, under any circumstances. And they offer us a talent contest as a government service?