Lib 23, 02 / Sep 4, 18 20:21 UTC

Change electoral region.  

Hello fellow Asgardians.

I was wondering if changing my electoral region is possible. I clicked on a region with no candidates, and I would like to change to a closer, more active region. I am afraid I cannot and this means that I can't take part in the elections (as a citizen, not as a candidate), which I was really looking forward to.


PS: If possible, I want this question to be responded any time before 9th September, so I can participate in the elections. Thank you.

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Sco 05, 02 / Sep 14, 18 02:54 UTC

I pushed the wrong electoral region by mistake and I was not able to change, help anyone? Thank you!

Sco 06, 02 / Sep 15, 18 05:36 UTC

Hi fabcruz can you please contact with elections for that?

Sco 06, 02 / Sep 15, 18 11:41 UTC

You will need to contact our website support team to change your electoral region once you have submitted it. 

Please include as much detail as possible in the email (including the region you wish to change to) and be sure to send it from the account from which you registered 

I hope this helps,


Jason Rainbow,

Social Media coordinator,