Dec 20, 18 / Cap 18, 02 09:14 UTC


Hello, i've joined this last night. It's a my dream come true to live in space, but my question i have financial problems will i be not citizen of asgardia if i don't pay citizen fee ?

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Dec 26, 18 / Cap 24, 02 05:52 UTC

the situation is not yet clear, I for example I am absent a year and I am one of the first. I have at least the safe residence. I'm still checking on my last donation that was not reflected. but leaving that aside I suggest you wait for the project to start construction work before contributing your grain of sand. because it is still very green for you to disburse the little money you have.

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la situacion aun no es clara, yo por ejemplo me ausente un año y soy de los primeros. tengo almenos la residencia segura. aun estoy checando sobre mi ultima donacion que no se vio reflejada. pero dejando eso de lado te sugiero esperar a que el proyecto inicie labores de construccion hantes de aportar tu grano de arena. pues aun esta muy verde para que desembolses el poco dinero que posees.

Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 23:10 UTC

 * sigh * Matek don't get too excited, Asgardia is just an Idea, nothing more, they want you to pay money out of your own pocket to become a Citizen, they want you to pay yearly, and they give you nothing in return. 

We all have financial problems, so you are not alone. If you Technically want to be a resident/citizen you gotta pay the yearly subscription, i mean fee.

Other than that, welcome , an don't stress out.

Jan 14, 19 / Aqu 14, 03 01:37 UTC


Asgardia is still in the beginning
for you to have an idea this site is still in beta
things are still very centralized
there is no saving for us to carry out any financial transaction
there is no Asgardia money to carry out financial operations
We are waiting for the decisions to put Asgardia money in circulation as Criptomoney
but things will get better
Asgardia is a new project
Asgardia is a Space Nation
Let's go, all together, overcome these problems.