Jan 11, 19 / Aqu 11, 03 18:28 UTC

Citizenship : A Reality ,?  

J’ai lu le sujet sur les droits de citoyen et j’ai une question :

Que représente concrètement la citoyenneté asgardien ? Quels sont les avantages tangibles ?

J’ai vu la controverse entourant les droits à la citoyenneté, et je pense que ma question est pertinente.

Outre le paiement des taxes, obtention de la citoyenneté asgardien représentera ce qui concrètement ? L’idée de payer pour la citoyenneté est assez limitée, mais si en retour nous n’avons aucune garantie, je trouve cela dommage.

Jan 12, 19 / Aqu 12, 03 02:05 UTC

 I would had to translate your post, The short answer is in two parts, According to the laws or rules, how much do you want to perceive the label? You are then an Asgardian Citizen. IF the United Nation is legally recognized asgardia as an actual nation then you will have I assumed duel citizenship.

What you are really getting for your 100 euros, dollars, pesos .... Are you ready ...


You do not even get a piece of paper with your name on  it, written by a dyslexic person. An then Asgardia considers this your "ID". No one sends you a card, There might be a link to a "Receipt" or a piece of paper that you are a paid citizen.

Here are the remaining problems, if you try in your country, to have your "Citizenship Asgardian" recognized for any reason, you will be laughed at. Second problem is, what you are given in return for your annual payment to be a "Citizen" is a pat on the back, and a thank you for your money, we promise to use as money to make Asgardia something real.

That is it. You get nothing but a verbal promise to do something. An as in the future, if Asgardia has something, then a citizen would be entitled to it. But here is the thing ... Why the heck would anyone pay? There is no incentive to pay anything right now for any reason. They are basically begging for money. IF Asgardia for example, by 2020 had a real base on the moon, or their own space station in space like the International Space Station, then it would be worth paying a membership fee (which is what it really is) would like to pay as much as Asgardia.

All that is happening right now, is setting up a private pay to play club. Which is only one of those who are stupid enough to pay for a "Government position" or to be a "Citizen".

Do Not be Duped.

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Jan 13, 19 / Aqu 13, 03 16:06 UTC

Oui au final c'est bien ce qu'il me semblait, ça sert à rien, je reste parce que ce projet est quelque part interessant mais je crois me rappeler que je suis parti la dernière fois pour des raisons similaires ...

Je ne comprends pas comment une nation qui se veut équitable/égalitaire j'en passe peux demander un truc pareil. 

En tout cas merci pour vos réponses ça a confirmer ce que je pensais.