Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 06:23 UTC

for our citizenship  

will we be able to get physical documents to prove we are in fact citizens or no?

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 07:07 UTC

I just need something real not a printed piece of paper that holds no legal value

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 07:47 UTC

I think it isn't priority now. 

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 11:00 UTC

let's initiate the release of these crypto tokens for our citizenship. technically it is not difficult. So, where do we start?

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 11:24 UTC

Hi Trevor 22,

As Asgardia is still in it's founding stages and is not yet recognized as a nation by other nations ID documentation at this time will hold no legal value. 

Documents will come in time as we begin to become officially recognized. 

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 11:54 UTC

hi Jason Rainbow,  

UN recognition is important, but for example, UN do not recognize of World citizenship as de jure, but recognize as de facto at the border crossing

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Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 13:44 UTC

Right now the only document you need is the certificate. It is probably a good idea to print it as you will probably need it for the eventual procedure for verification of citizens. 

As others said above, passports will only be useful when we are internationally recognized as a nation, ultimately as a member of the UN, and before that on a bilateral level with other nations.

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