Jul 20, 18 / Vir 05, 02 22:25 UTC

Helping Asguardia  

Hello everyone.

The purpose of this discussion is to help with ideas and plans on how to help develop our nation. We share the same view and dream for a better place but what us as guardians are doing???. My idea is if we all asgardian contribute 20 dollar a month ie make is mandatory as tax or we just do as voluntary we can make a lot of things happen. We are 286970 asguardian and if we all give every month 20 USD it will gain 5,739,400 a month. In a year would be 68,872,800 and now that make a can make something happen. I know our life sometime is tight and with this post many will hate or criticize but we also cant expect Igor pay for all. We are asguardia  and we all together can make our nation happen. We need to do our part for our nation and this could be a start idea on making it happen. The longer or sooner that all this happens it could depend on us asguardia. I'm not a candidate nor get anything out but I share the same view and dream as all fellow asguardias and like other I want this to happen. Let's do our part and let the best business money makes do there jobs on multiplying for our development. As an asguardian I'm making a defenece.... how about you????

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 08:13 UTC

Or something people can afford but if 286970 asguardian giving in something we can help push this forward 

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 11:01 UTC

That to... my  vision is if we can start some how space mining that will set a budget record and that kick in but to get to there we need to come up with some funding and we asguardian can help make it happen sooner.... that also opens jobs withing asguardian. Another idea is rise money and build markets that belong asguardia and let the citizen be hire. Yes will need to pay the country tax but the entire gain will go to the nation. 

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 11:03 UTC

We went from 286970 to 287259 we are growing fast and that's on 2 days

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 11:04 UTC

Ooops 287255

Jul 30, 18 / Vir 15, 02 12:42 UTC

Nice 6k more and we hit 300k members... 

Jul 31, 18 / Vir 16, 02 12:11 UTC

While I can sound a bit cynic I wanna remind you how it will looks from commoners. Some people wanna gather our money for some project that looks too fancy to be real. State should pay something to people before it'll tax it.