Dec 12, 18 / Cap 10, 02 12:38 UTC

I need your help!  

Hello dear Asgardians,

I am a journalist from Poland (and an Asgardian as well!) writing an article on Asgardia. I would like to ask you one question: why did you join Asgardia? What made you join the idea of living in a different, space country? 

I appreciate all of the answers - both long and short ones. Please note that I will use your name or nickname in the article, so if you would prefer to stay anonymous, let me know somewhere in your answer. Thank you very much for your help!

Dec 12, 18 / Cap 10, 02 15:42 UTC

It's a chance to start over and do something better.

For centuries humans have screwed up or oppressed things that should have been helpful and beneficial or honorable: like the justice system, financial and monetary systems, and the ability to move about, speak and worship freely.

Rebuilding something from scratch provides a new opportunity to just "start over" and hopefully do better for everyone.

There is absolutely zero reason why we can't have less pollution, less corruption, and less hardship, on the Earth. None. Absolutely none.

Solutions have existed for centuries to cure many of the world's ails, but these solutions have been and currently are prevented via corruption, greed, and politics, usually in the name of money and or power.

Asgardia is a chance to "get it right." I may not see it in my lifetime, but I look forward to being a part of it and helping to build it.

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Dec 12, 18 / Cap 10, 02 16:51 UTC

Hi! For me, it is also the 'clean' space to think over everything and find interesting interlocutors, to communicate with interesting people that want to improve this world and create a better place to be. Here you can improve your thoughts and think about deeds... Interesting conception in general.

Me, for example, am a freelance writer. I write essays about safe environment and nature protection ([external Link Removed]) and I like the concept of this site, like a city in the skies, the country of the Gods. It is the realisation of man's eternal dream to leave his cradle on Earth and expand into the Universe.

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Dec 15, 18 / Cap 13, 02 15:36 UTC

Thank you all very much! You really helped me. All of your messages are amazing. 

Dec 17, 18 / Cap 15, 02 09:23 UTC

Hi exxraven,

The idea of creating a country from scratch for the future of our children is incredible. There are borders on the world that separate countries, and Asgardia eliminates these boundaries. "The boundaries on earth when seen from space is not visible" is quite an impressive sentence. And that's why I'm here. And that's why I'm on duty.

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Uğur Aydın

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