Sep 8, 18 / Lib 27, 02 14:43 UTC

Let's Talk About Exploration  

Hello Asgardians!

I have a question for you this weekend that I think we should discuss. 

Do you think that the people of Earth can move beyond their violent past and take the next step to peacefully explore space?

Please discuss and please no debates about a certain countries aspirations for a 'space force'.

Rebekah Berg 

Head of Community Affairs

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Sep 9, 18 / Sco 00, 02 07:17 UTC

Well, as story shows us - people is the expansers by their nature (if to speak about a biologic species). If we can't expand our territories we start falling into agression and depression.

Not all, of course. Some percents of the population are still peacefull.

But opening of new horizons always calming the internal agression in human society.

What about violent past? Aren't sure we're already maked such progress... Yes, if Asgardia will became are society of the wise and peacefull people and will be lucky enough to make it path to the space - it will be a new step on this way. But we always should remember about fate of the previously existed too peacefull nations at Earth.

Yep... in the space we can create new peacefull humanity. But will it exist depends only at constant expance. Or the more agressive part (it is simply biology of our species) of humanity will return everything to the starting point.

Sep 13, 18 / Sco 04, 02 00:54 UTC

 From what I can tell there is not a strong planetary exploration force of any kind, I mean there is the International Space Station, but what exactly has it accomplished that has benefited society ?  What I do not understand is why has not the scientific community come together across the globe, to make a solid, workable space probe, to travel at the fastest speed possible, even if it takes generations to reach the next star system and is only nothing but sensors, cameras, and computers.

Where are the explorers ?  I have posted  a thread regarding Von B, and his workable plan to reach Mars. It was shut down and his career was tanked. But instead we have N.A.S.A screwing around with a dead planet like Mars, or deplanetizing Pluto... Or at least come together to make a space station on the moon, just to say it is there incase ever needed....I don't get it, I don't know why the scientific community is rolling over and would rather whine about global warming or other things that are just trivial. 

 I want stronger and faster transmition gizmos to beam information from one sat to another, and do a baton passing of information from one star system to another in the matter of a year, once the system is in place.  make a big probe, to drop seed . . . . . from earth to the nearest star system, an the information is shot from one to the other back and forth. Plenty ways to fund it, donate and get your name etched on a probe, what ever. tons of ways to fund things if ya really want to.

Sep 13, 18 / Sco 04, 02 06:41 UTC

 True enough about money, I sure as heck do not have disposable income, and if there was a fee to become a citizen of Asgardia, i wouldn't be able to.

But for the scientific community to not even try is what is disheartening, i mean NASA is literally wasting money on our dead solar system, looking for microbes. The information they are gathering is pointless nothing but dead rocks in our solar system, and gas giants, and at best, maybe there are living microbes and germs. big woop. less those microbes and what ever that are alive can cure a disease it is to me pointless. An then even if it could ,  who would be willing to stick their neck out on the line to destroy the drug industry ?

And sure crowd funding probably isn't the way to go, but it would allow people to join in and feel like they are apart of the process to a small degree. And it would take funding by nations to make anything happen that is worth the real worth while information like an actual confirmed earth like planet, with a stable atmosphere and seasons and proof of vegitation and trees, at least knowing that as a fact, would be worth the price to humanity to say okay we know there is a planet out there that we can shoot for because one day humanity will need to get off of earth or want too.

Sep 23, 18 / Sco 14, 02 17:16 UTC

Violence or not, I find it hard to imagine in exploring or a human civilization in another world when right now we have problems taking care of our own.

There is so much difference in our own species. You can have a wonderful person and a total careless cinic sitting next to it. Leaving behind violence is a collective work when someone tries to change but the social group still keeps a foul mindset.

I wouldn't tie violence with exploration, tough. One is the result of primitive critical thinking and the other is motivation by curiosity for the unknown.

Oct 5, 18 / Sco 26, 02 11:47 UTC

no becuase you have no space capacity how would you base any discussion about the species. you have no idea of the evils that couldhappen and the justifications of why yet. but on earht if the heat willkill you and the cold can kill you then space will kiil you faster. asgardia may be science but military would have the training and dedication not to make mistakes that would cost lives. and you are yet to take the steps towards even considering the concpet of peace, 

peace is staying alive in space. 

however rather then be doom and gloom, 

what steps willbe take to maintian oxygen supplies in psace. and power supplies. and food suppies if a group if any decide to listen to others who say 'we came give you jobs if you do this we willsend allthe suppies you need to survive," and later peope die. becuase ther is some problem onm earth and the ceo is sacked but sent to jail for murder "no" but how many died , and how many times must it happen.

is that the sort of discussion, to work out what needs to happen to fix the problems of being put in a postion , to make better infrastructual decisions of rights and responsiblities before it all happens ,is that the evil you are talking about.

becuase out there there is only what you know and what you need to survive ,it will never be a walk in the park unless its under a giant dome,