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Re:magnetic field..  

Why would we need a stronger magnetic field around the Earth?

Feb 5, 19 / Pis 08, 03 17:47 UTC

Russian scientists have observed a correlation  between magnetic fields and people's well-being.  Thus, when magnetic fields intensify there is a significant increase in people's complaints about feeling unwell, headaches or aggravation of chronic illnesses conditions.   If it affects humans, it might affect other living being: animals, plants, insects.  By the way, spiders are using magnetic fields to fly.))  I read an article about it not long time ago. 

Stronger magnetic field around the Earth could attract more meteorites or asteroids, or,  in longer term, change Moon's orbit, could it?

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Any opinion?

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The increase of magnetic field strength can cause the extinction of humanity on this planet

Exposure to magnetic fields of great magnitude and / or for long periods can be harmful to health. The World Health Organization maintains research on the effects of exposure to electric and magnetic fields and recommends that exposure to the general public to time-varying magnetic fields in the 50-60 kHz frequency is up to 83x10-6