Jan 10, 19 / Aqu 10, 03 00:01 UTC

resident status  

Dear Asgardian!

We are moving forward in accordance with our plans for economic and social development, and this year must become pivotal for the history of our young Space Nation Asgardia.

We thank you for being an integral part of Asgardia in 2018, and we would like for you to keep your resident status for the year 2019.

As you probably know, on 17 December 2018, procedures and details regarding receiving and maintaining the status of the Resident of Asgardia in 2019 were outlined in Government Directive No.1. In accordance with this Directive, the Asgardian population data has been updated and the counters on the government website www.asgardia.space have been adjusted accordingly.

Regretfully, you haven’t yet paid the citizenship / residency card fee (€100), and therefore, your resident status has not been renewed. However, the above-mentioned Directive stipulates an additional three-month period, up until 1 April 2019, during which your resident status will remain suspended.

You can still use all of the government services that are available to residents, but your access to additional services may be limited.

We are working diligently on our rules, regulations and procedures to begin granting Asgardian citizenship in 2019. Those who retain their Resident status by paying the citizenship fee before 1 April 2019 will be in the first group of candidates to have the opportunity to obtain Asgardian citizenship in 2019 on а first-come, first-served basis.

We would appreciate it if you renewed your resident status for 2019 by paying your citizenship / residency card fee (€100). By doing so, you are contributing to the formation and development of our nation, as well as the creation of a self-sufficient economy.

We would love for you to be among the first Asgardian citizens! Please take a moment to renew your resident status, just click:https://asgardia.space/en/page/resident-card.

Sincerely yours,


Jan 10, 19 / Aqu 10, 03 00:16 UTC

Before I present my opinion to the statement of Asgardia I have 3 questions.

1 What happened to "Resident of Asgardia without cost"?

2 Is citizenship lost if the next year is not paid?

3 What are the services available to a resident and what is available for those who lost their state of residence?

I think that asgardia is wrong to impose the rate, at first they proclaimed that the residence was maintained, now that if you want to keep it you must pay, I was on my part developing a project for asgardia and with this kind of attitude the truth discourages to continue supporting it. in the opinion of a server is being distorted and deviating. Asgardia must clarify the doubts and give aconocer their plans or people will go to support it.


hantes de exponer mi opinion al comunicado de asgardia tengo 3 preguntas.
1¿que paso con "Residente de Asgardia sin costo alguno"?
2¿la ciudadania se pierde si no se paga el siguiente año?
3¿cuales son los servicios que dispone un residente y los que estan disponible para los que perdieron su estado de residencia?
opino que asgardia esta mal al imponer la tarifa, al principio pregonaban que la residencia se mantenia, ahora que si deseas conservarla debes pagar, yo por mi parte me encontraba desarrollando un proyecto para asgardia y con este tipo  de actitudes la verdad desanima seguir apoyadola. en opinion de un servidor se esta desvirtuando y desviando. asgardia debe aclarar las dudas y dar aconocer sus planes o la gente pasara de apoyarla.

Jan 12, 19 / Aqu 12, 03 02:18 UTC

1 What happened to "Resident of Asgardia without cost"?

 Answer: When Igor and others running Asgardia realized they had no income to fund anything for Asgardia they decided to charge money to those people ( US ) who supported the ideas presented , from the start.

2 Is citizenship lost if the next year is not paid? 

Answer: Yes, But you will be considered a " Follower" or a " Supporter " or apart of the " Population "

3 What are the services available to a resident and what is available for those who lost their state of residence?

Answer:  Nothing, you are wasting your money by paying to be a citizen, there is nothing being offered , they need your money because they can not find investors to fund their ideas.  It will take a minimum of 10 years before any services can actually be offered that would make it worth while to pay to be a " Citizen ".

While all countries on the face of the Earth only charge a one time immigration fee,  Igor an others feel it a better idea to charge a yearly fee to be a citizen.

What all start ups online do, to make money, to then invest that money into other projects, is, hang on... They offer something, like a hat , or a golf ball, or a sticker, or ANYTHING TANGIBLE, then they save that money and either invest it to make more money , or they save every dollar up they can get from selling a product to do something better.

Igors concept is to promise ideas, take your money, and do what ever he wants with it.