Sep 3, 18 / Lib 22, 02 14:39 UTC

Theme of the Day 03 SEPT 2018  

Hello Asgardians!

Today's Theme of the Day has been posted and it's Start Up Monday!

Please discuss your thoughts about this article on this thread.

Sep 4, 18 / Lib 23, 02 03:35 UTC

you do see the dbag who is spamming the room right ?  I mean ya log in like the rest of us, to create a thread you have to see  the post after post after post of useless information  the posts that have to be translated to be read that mean absolutely nothing. so I mean , it would be really awesome instead of the the Theme of the day, to contact that person an tell them to stop spamming, an or just remove the person. or Tell the person to condense all that crap into one thread as to not clutter the general discussion.

Sep 5, 18 / Lib 24, 02 17:01 UTC

I have escalated with the IT team for implementing stronger spam prevention processes on the backend. Until then we will eliminate spam posts and profiles as we find them.