Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 00:50 UTC

There is already Asgardian Territory  

 Asgardia should be a sea faring society, or build a space station that orbits Earth , or a Moon base.... Or buy unused land from governments and use that...

No need to my friends.  Igor the Great. Leader of Asgardia has already solved the problem for us all !   All Igor has to do, is make an Asgardian Flag... and put that flag, hang on... wait for it.... drum roll...... 

The Anticipation is crazy !!! Where could Igor possible put an Asgardian flag and declare it official Asgardian territory !! Where oh where !???

Holy frickn cow, how about in his Front Yard !!!!!   I mean he has spent all this time and money to get the United Nations to recognize Asgardia as a " Country ". An no one knows where else to declare Asgardian territory. So the man has to have a home. All he has to do is buy the land from the government he resides with, slap the ole Asgardian flag in his front yard, and ipsofacto ,  Asgardian Territory. 


The wonderful " Paying Citizens of Asgardia "  can do the same, simply purchase the land where you live from the government where you reside, make an Asgardian flag, stick on a flag pole in your front yard and Yay now there is more Asgardian Territory. Then sign that property over to Igor or your local Mayor, pay taxes on that property or sign some kind of agreement that says ya don't have too. Oh an then remember that All citizens that are paying, have the right to come and isit said property of Igor or whom ever.

Am I being sarcastic ? Sort of.  If Asgardia was serious they would jump on this idea and put up the money to make it happen. Or a group of paying citizens could come together , pull their money to buy large sections of land and then hand that over to Asgardia for a price or barter.  It could also be done via buying a large ship between a group of Asgardian citizens, registering it as an Asgardian vessel, and ipsofacto now you have a moving Asgardian territory on water.  

Same for any endevour ,, any group of Asgardian citizens that were stupid enough to pay the citizen fee, can come together,and say purchase  what ever, and then sign it over to Igor. or have it registered as Asgardian tech/ territory, whatever.

Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 01:07 UTC

That is the fear that i have is that if you own land in your home country, but become a citizen of Asgardia, Igor will declare it Asgardian property. Now I'm sure the laws in your home country wouldn't allow for such a transfer unless you voluntarily signed your property over. 

With saying that buying land in an already established country and planting a flag on it, doesn't make that land the land the flag represents. its still on the soil in which country it is located in. Be it America, Canada, Russia, China, etc. 

Creating a moon, mars or space station will take years if not decades and billions of dollars to do. it will also need permission to launch from some sort of Space faring nation (USA, Russia, China, India etc.) and cost of launch as well. 

Asgardia will need billions of dollars to do this. How will they do it? issuing shares, stocks, the cryptocurreny solar (meaning sell it on the open market). 

I dont see this happening anytime soon. 

Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 22:57 UTC

 To bad Asgardia is not of Viking lore which is Asgard aka  Thor, etc, 

anyhow daved hence why i stated that individuals would need to physically purchase said land from their respective governments,  first, then slap the ole Asgardian flag on their lawn and or sign it over to Igor.  

 But don't worry, Igor can't force individuals to do diddly, as you pointed out, people would have to willingly comply.  Asgardia is just a concept at the moment. 

I seriously doubt it will become anything because of the way Igor is sinking it currently with the citizenship fee. and doing digital currency...

The moon is already sectioned out to some parts between America and Russia, it would probably be easier to just in theory anyhow, easier to colonize say the lonely Former planet ( still a planet to me ) Pluto. As it is very far from Earth and well, who wants to fight over it ? The Moon, colonizing it, or Mars I see as being problematic with out having a military presence to protect said entity. 

Mar 13, 19 / Ari 16, 03 23:09 UTC

Asgardia is a Space Nation, therefore, there are no conditions to exist terrestrial territory, because its citizens can not acquire lands in their countries of origin to offer the Asgardia, the territorial laws do not allow such action; I know you're being sarcastic.

But the Asgardian plutocracy needs every citizen, paying or not, to establish this country.

Asgardia exists only as a Nation through each of us, through each person.

The Plutocracy of Asgardia should reflect on this before demanding taxes and separating citizens into poor, wealthy, paying and non-paying social classes, citizens and residents, because this is a land problem that we should not take into space.

Asgardia should go into space as a single nation and not as a group of people governed by an oppressive plutocracy that demands payment of taxes to survive the hostile environment of space

cooperation will be the differential that will determine the survival of the human race off this planet and not the social condition that the plutocracy of asgardia dreams of.

the best would be for Asgardian society, we, to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to govern Asgardia according to our wishes and needs and not to accept any plutocracy. The Age of the political class is over, whether they accept it or not.

May 2, 19 / Gem 10, 03 13:16 UTC

Has anyone actually done this, anywhere? Like put the Asgardian Flag on their lawn and declared their House Asgardian Territory? Idk if this is even legal or illegal or what lmao, but it will happen sooner or later

Oct 16, 19 / Oph 09, 03 08:47 UTC

why buy land? there is Antakrtik how much land you want, there you can establish Asgardia, it is clear that the climate is harsh, but closer to the stars there is no better place)) I have long been proposing to build a headquarters there and build an area for yacht ships