Jan 11, 19 / Aqu 11, 03 18:38 UTC

Paying Citizenship fee in Sestertius cryptocurrency  


I agree in paying the citizenship fee, 100€. Can I pay in Sestertius cryptocurrency ?


Keep me informed

Best regards. 

Jan 13, 19 / Aqu 13, 03 03:21 UTC


I was wondering if there are another payment methods to pay the citizenship fee. Especially one through any cryptocurrency.

Particularly, I am from Venezuela and my credit card is not able to be used freely and Im not trust in paypal. This is why I decide to use cryptocurrencies.
Im going to put this suggestion in the technical forum. You should find the post and support me whit this.

May 3, 19 / Gem 11, 03 00:54 UTC

Unfortunately I think their current answer is "No, pay us money for your Citizenship make sure it's in Euro" Could a Government official correct me on this if I am speaking out of turn?

Sorry I am just really frustrated with Asgardia right now, they should not be TAKING AWAY OUR CITIZENSHIP for not paying a rather large FEE after we voted for the Elected Officials!!!