Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 15:55 UTC

First Aid as a requirement  

Hi Asgardia,

I am thinking about and developing an aspect of education within Asgardia for all Asgardians. The idea is that each Asgardian be given training and educated in various columns of education. I'm starting this topic here as part of Health and safety for the nation, that all Asgardians be trained in first aid and basic emergency first aid.

Having a educated nation trained to deal with basic incidents (burns, cuts, shock, CRP etc etc) will be priceless in the long run. What do you think about this?

Thank you! Brendan

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Apr 5, 18 / Tau 11, 02 21:09 UTC

Hi Brendan, as someone who knows first aid i also think it should be considered in a set of essential skills all Asgardians should know. These skills are as follows: Emergency Space Survival, First Aid, Basic Technology Use & Maybe some Different Languages too.

Apr 6, 18 / Tau 12, 02 03:00 UTC

What is different for rendering first aid in space I wonder ? I imagine to do chest compressions you would have to strap the patient to a wall or floor

Apr 6, 18 / Tau 12, 02 18:28 UTC

Isn't there planned Artificial Gravity in the works for the space habitat, so then any first aid applied would work as on earth.. 

Apr 6, 18 / Tau 12, 02 21:50 UTC

And if your in space , on the moon or in transit via shuttle with no gravity , what then?

Apr 7, 18 / Tau 13, 02 20:36 UTC

Hmm, maybe then current First Aid techniques could be modified to work in low/no gravity environments maybe??

Apr 9, 18 / Tau 15, 02 08:00 UTC

Can you imagine the fun of having to draw a liquid with a needle then making sure there's no air in it when injecting. No gravity to let the air float to the top. pops I think I just killed a man . New procedures everywhere I'm betting

Apr 22, 18 / Gem 00, 02 05:12 UTC

Hola, hay que tener en consideración variados aspectos, gravedad 0, gravedad artificial, líquidos en el espacio, trauma, pcr, triage, entre otros aspectos tan básicos como tener un idioma propio y/o universal


Hello, you have to consider various aspects, Gravity 0, artificial gravity, fluids in space, trauma, PCR, triage, among other aspects as basic as having a language of its own and/or universal

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Aug 17, 18 / Lib 05, 02 11:40 UTC

Dear Asgardians,

Unfortunately we don't have consensus on first aid on Earth.

I'm a first aid monitor but with French technics and recommendations.

All Asgardians, if possible, can learn first aid in his Earth state.
Perhaps we could begin by distributing English official first aid recommendations here.

Here the French one's : https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/Le-ministere/Securite-civile/Documentation-technique/Secourisme-et-associations/Les-recommandations-et-les-referentiels

In a second step, it's our Asgardian's health ministry which will be able to publish recommendations for all (maybe an international first aid).
Asgardians will be able to train and provide first aid to each person while waiting for the arrival of health professionals.

Only after we can make research on first aid in space. Maybe the NASA have one :D

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