Jul 3, 17 / Leo 16, 01 21:36 UTC

The U.S. Space Corps  

It seems the U.S. is finally ready to go public with their military branch dedicated to space. I'm curious as to the ramifications this will present toward Asgardia. For them to announce this, in the midst of our own interstellar revolution, shows that we might be shaking the foundation much greater than we realize. The idea of a nation cutting science but militarizing space certainly terrifies me. It seems they do not want anyone to be out of their reach.

Jul 11, 17 / Leo 24, 01 15:50 UTC

I am in for a country extending to space but as a Military operation without clear defined space policy by its country is not a good idea. We need to colonize space but as a country not a military operation.

Jul 11, 17 / Leo 24, 01 15:59 UTC

Don't worry: they'll have to find the little brick, before to be able to burn it out from space... it's not going to happen that easily, being 10x10x20 cm. :-D

Jul 13, 17 / Leo 26, 01 06:31 UTC

High Guard. By researching and making space debris removal vessels Asgardia will be years ahead as the economic (cheap stuff) we use will come from a resource poor environment. Though catching space debris and destroying it is under research, perhaps our fleet will eventually recycle. To this end, here is a fleet picture as the AI goes about directed by humans. http://s1116.photobucket.com/user/Nyai1/media/image_2.png.html

Jan 21, 18 / Aqu 21, 02 07:41 UTC

@Elwe Thor it's not hard to find a brick with a location beacon that can't be turnded off to destroy it

Jan 24, 18 / Aqu 24, 02 15:58 UTC

r u telling it by direct experience?

Jan 25, 18 / Aqu 25, 02 04:20 UTC

Yes I am, the same tech is used in smart phones and I can find my phone using said tech to within three feet . And anything put into space from any of the space capable countries require a tracking device that can't be turned off . The reason being they don't want says crashing into eachother costs a lot of money and aditaional space febrile that could cause even more problems

Jan 25, 18 / Aqu 25, 02 15:31 UTC

Ah, sorry, "like to detect a smartphone"... I thought you was a space engineer or something like this.

Jan 25, 18 / Aqu 25, 02 18:20 UTC

No nothing so grand as that :) nothing so grand as that but i've done a fine job keeping informed thru NASA's info sharing and extrapolating from incomplete data. That and if NAsa can track space junk that is no longer working it would be a peice of cake traking something thats transpitting a signal.and anyways nobody wants to shoot down a nanosat that has no weapeons nor being a threat of any kin.