Jan 28, 19 / Pis 00, 03 18:48 UTC

Re:1000 euros Asgardia Citizenship Certificate and passport  

Hello, you can find more information about Asgardia key aspects of development here 

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Jan 30, 19 / Pis 02, 03 16:40 UTC

1000€ is IMHO a lot of money, especially for those of us who earn not a lot of money.

It would be interesting to know if there is another way to get the Citizen Certificate and Passport.

Jan 31, 19 / Pis 03, 03 20:35 UTC

I know the answer XD, I am currently the presenter of the eye of odin and touch this question in my transmission. good the payment of 1000 euros is raised for those who want to be investors, but to be able to buy it you need to be a resident. the cost of the 1000 are the shares of asgardia AG, while the cost of citizenship certificate and passport are still brewing this incentive. The reason why you do not find more information is because the company has not yet started work. are things that you have to see in practice to be able to understand it for now it is just a slightly commented insentivo in order to attract potential investors

Mar 4, 19 / Ari 07, 03 15:38 UTC

Hello! All plans will be revealed in due time, after Government is formed and fully functional.

Mar 24, 19 / Ari 27, 03 22:05 UTC

I personally find that putting out this kind of information without any substance or willingness to explain in detail is careless and reflects very poorly on the very idea of endeavor. 

If all the information is not available until after the Government is fully formed and functioning, then maybe pulling down the articles discussing wanting people to invest in the incomplete idea would be best. 

Its asinine to ask people to invest 1000 euros, on top of their citizenship fee, and then tell them you can't give further information at this time.

Mar 30, 19 / Tau 05, 03 02:51 UTC

Take me for an example. I would jump into this more... 

Though with the current state of the lack of information. I am at a stalemate. 

I tagged along and I've been waiting to see more information. Not to mention the lack of gathering community. 

May 5, 19 / Gem 13, 03 00:25 UTC

If indeed the 1k E. are for investment purposes once a final business plan has been put into place then I am interested. 

But... I need to see facts an data first. Until then I'll handle my yearly fee.