Oct 13, 18 / Oph 06, 02 10:22 UTC

Digital Parliament  


Will we be able to watch a recording of the Parliamentary proceedings that took place recently? 

Oct 13, 18 / Oph 06, 02 18:06 UTC


The session of Parliament was closed for public and records will not be shared with public. 

Parliament Coordinator

Oct 14, 18 / Oph 07, 02 08:03 UTC

Will there ever be publicly available proceedings?

Oct 22, 18 / Oph 15, 02 12:21 UTC


My question was a relevant one and asked respectfully. Many Asgardians became naturally anxious, seeing the nation turning into a Kingdom and further, on learning that there would be no political parties. 

I'm not using this thread to attack those decisions.

This question is important to me though, because Asgardia promises to be an open democracy. One of the reassurances we had in the past was that the government would borrow from pre-existing, stable, mature governments for inspiration. I must point out: those governments are televised!

If you haven't replied because this is simply a topic that has yet to be discussed, let alone developed, then please let me know.

Oct 28, 18 / Oph 21, 02 10:26 UTC

I hope so. So far, we have a King, a poll tax and an opaque parliament. This isn't the vision of an open, free and democratic nation that was promised. 

Dec 5, 18 / Cap 03, 02 22:09 UTC

There are plans for open Sessions of Parliament. Right now, there are problems with translating and we conduct all business in English and then try to send out transcripts to those AMPs who either do not speak English well or wish a copy in their native Language.

Asgardia has also been the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, we do however often use "Nation" interchangeability.  We are more of a constitutional Monarchy with an Elected Parliament.  The position of Head of Nation, is also intended to have a term limit. I don't have that on front of me at the moment.  We also have a Prime Minister in place.  The government is patterned on the government of Great Britain.

~Carol Lynn Lockhart, AMP D1