A way to create gravity is by vortex. If you sturr a pot with water and parts then the heaviest parts go to the center and bottom of the pot. Now, if we would create a sort-like effect in space with maybe different forms of vortexes it should be creating a minimum of gravity.

Lets start with airflow in a cone/cylinder like structure and make a very soft airflow towards one end as down. We could also use electricity or magnetism vortex to add to a same-sort of effect. 

Even light can be used in space, white will reflect and thus push away, and black will absorb and attract. This could be used in uniforms, looking from top to bottom we see only white and from the bottom to top we see only black, something like see-life and camouflage for airplanes. We could use the same trick for magnetism, + charged and - charged depending of the gravity to add to body-parts for example.

I am sure there are much other ways to test. Dress-mode + functionality.

Grtz, Dirk.